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2013 PA All-Stars: AssassinAsian

Asian takes a Pottstown jammer down and out. Look at her dance on that line!
Asian takes a Pottstown jammer down and out. Look at her dance on that line!
F/Stop #110

The Black Rose Rollers have been a pretty consistent squad of skaters since they started bouting in 2010. AssassinAsian has been a part of the Black Rose landscape since very close to the beginning. The first time I met her, I knew that she would be an excellent skater. Asian has the drive and passion to improve that not every skater possess.

of the Black Rose Rollers

In 2013, she continued to improve. She is at a point of experience not where all the small points she had been good at previously are coming together to meld into a superset of skills. She is not just a good jammer, or just a skilled offensive blocker: now she is a leader and a powerhouse for the team. Now she is able to play both defense and offense and have an idea of where the jammer is coming through. She has the power to kick through a wall when she’s wearing the star and the strength to hold her spot when a jammer challenges her.

If she continues to drive herself forward, in 2014 it would not be surprising to see her turning lots of heads in WFTDA. As Black Rose takes on more sanctioned games, more people are going to pay attention to AssassinAsian.

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Thank you Juan Paden, Keyesboard, Hispanic Attack and F/Stop #110 for the photography in this article!

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