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2013 Oregon roller derby all-star team: complete list

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I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote and comment on their choices for the 2013 Oregon all-star team! All the articles have been written, so this is what the entire list looks like when it's put together. Also, check out the slideshow off to the side here. It's the closest you're gonna get to a "team photo" of last year's all-star team.

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Licker N' Split - MVP (Rose City)

Scald Eagle - starter (Rose City)

Frankie Facebreaker - starter (Emerald City)

Jesus Feist - starter (Portland Rosebuds)

Wonder Dread - starter (Emerald City)

Mercy (Rose City)

Medusa Harm (Emerald City)

Mutch Mayhem (Rose City)

Screamin' Meanie (Lava City)

Heidi Go Seek (Rose City)

Tempest Fugit (Portland Rosebuds)

Six Foot Fetish (Cherry City)

Spunkee Bruizer (Emerald City Junior Gems)


John Jayme - Coach (Emerald City)

Wench Warden - Referee (Rose City)

TallyHussy - NSO (Rose City)


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