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2013 NY/NJ All-Stars: Jheri Kill

She’s the Enforcer on Garden State.

Against Long Island
Rick Odell
Against CNY All Stars
Hispanic Attack

Jheri Kill is known for hard hits and a crazy stare down. She’s been skating for Garden State for years and has strongly established herself as a dominant force in the blocker line-up. When’s she’s in a wall, she doesn’t move. When she takes you on solo, you bounce off of her. If you give her any space to wind up, you may as well just take yourself out of bounds because her timing is as solid as her hip checks. She often drops to be the swing behind her wall of team mates, and when she does, the jammer suffers for it. If you want a fun blocker to watch – you watch Jheri Kill.

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Thank you Hispanic Attack & Rick Odell for the photography in this article!

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