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2013 NE South All-Stars: The Alternates

New England South, your alternates have arrived!! These two skaters placed 15th & 16th on the final list of all-star voting. They are two awesome ladies that do not get the recognition their skills demand.

As part of a wall against Houston
As part of a wall against Houston
Hispanic Attack
CT Rollergirls
Jeffery Kerekes

Bad Person – Boston Derby Dames

We’re going to see a lot of Boston on this all-star list, and Bad Person is unsurprising to see among the ranks. She may not be the first Bostonian to come to your mind, but she made big impressions this season. She has worked herself into a regular rotation of Boston Massacre because of her solid hits and strong positioning. When she is taken out of position, she is quickly and effectively back in her wall. She doesn’t take easy jammer bait and she trusts her team mates. Watch #55 on the track with Boston: you may not have noticed her before, but you will from now on.

Krazy Legz Nikki – CT Rollergirls

The ladies of CT Rollergirls kind of amaze me with their power. Particularly Krazy Legz Nikki. As a blocker she has the strength and stability to stop jammers at full speed. As a jammer, she is able to bust through walls with krazy bursts of power. Nikki redefines what it means to be a jammer – she is the new school, “Sure. Stop skating. That’s cool. I’ll just go right through you.” Kind of jammer; once she opens a hole for herself her feet move quick enough to take her through and away from the scrum. So she’s coming around for more points – and you’re still trying to figure out what just happened.

Thank you Hispanic Attack, Jeffery Kerekes & Chris Randall for the photography in this article!

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