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2013 NE South All-Stars: Matt Biron

Matt Biron [code name: Burnt Reynolds] made huge strides this season. (That is not clever word play because he’s a jammer and plays derby.) His confidence finally rose to meet his skills. Biron started 2013 as a good jammer. He ended the season as a necessary piece of the Mass Maelstrom landscape.

Biron and buddy, Jurasskick Park, are not above having some fun at a bout.
Varla Gunz
At Mohawk Valley Cup
Hispanic Attack

Biron skates like a ‘typical’ jam-skater-turned-derby. He ends up on one foot a lot, he likes to spin and turn and when he gets hit, he knows how to use the momentum to his advantage. At the beginning of the season, you did not see him use his fancy feet too often in live game play. He was agile, but he did not stand out the way other Maelstrom jammers did.

Then East Coast Extravaganza happened and something clicked. You could see it in his face and body when he took to the line. And in that game a new jammer came out. One that knew he could get through the walls, one that used his cuts and spins in a controlled way and at appropriate times. He did not get flustered when knocked out of bounds. He did not give up when taking shots to the sternum.

When that Biron, the calm and collected man who believes in himself, takes the line you cannot stop him. You can contain him, you can slow him for a moment, but he will use his leverage to get around you. He will find a space in your wall and exploit it. In fact, the recently very popular You Should Be Watching More Roller Derby Footage recognized his leaps at Mohawk and featured Biron quite a bit recently.

Considering the blocking power working for him, and the deep bench of jammers alongside of him, you can be sure that Biron’s skills will only sharpen in 2014 with his Vikings brothers.

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Thank you Hispanic Attack and Mr. McWheely for the photography in this article!

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