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2013 NE South All-Stars: John Collentro

Some of his team mates call him “Spicy”. Others call him Cilantro. The back of his shirt sasy Collentro. (How many names can one guy have? These Vikings. They think they can confuse us with their many names!

Getting around the Mont Royals
Getting around the Mont Royals
Hispanic Attack
Hispanic Attack

John Collentro of Mass Maelstrom started off 2013 as an alternate jammer who saw only a handful of jams at Spring Roll. Smaller than the average bear, when Spicy gets rocked by the giants of MRDA, you can feel it from the stands. There are two amazing qualities about this man however:

1) His ability to bounce back

2) His ability to learn and improve

By the time Mohawk Valley Cup rolled around, Cilantro had worked on his bursting speed, his footwork and his endurance. By the time the Vikings stormed Rome, New York, Cilantro was ready to work. His resilience and quick feet got him around the incredible walls of the New York Shock Exchange. He was a huge contribution to the Maelstrom win in Rome and then only got better in Iowa at the MRDA championships.

Maelstrom isn’t satisfied with being #4 and so it will be awesome to watch Collentro continue to build his skill along with his Viking team mates as they continue to raid the MRDA. If you missed them at East Coast Extravaganza last year, no worries – you can see Collentro be Spicy during the ECDX opener against the New York Shock Exchange AGAIN this year!

Thank you Hispanic Attack & Mr. McWheeley for the photography in this article!

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