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2013 Mid-Atlantic All-Stars: Warren T Voider

Warren uses his strength to absorb and burst past hits
Warren uses his strength to absorb and burst past hits
A Boy Named Tsunami

We have men on the Mid-Atlantic list this year! (Multiple! It’s very exciting) Warren T Voider is the first of the Harm City All-Stars to make the Mid-Atlantic Top 20. While this is only his 2nd season skating, the improvement he’s made from the beginning of the season to end has been remarkable.

Enjoying the outdoor scrimmage
Side Track Studio

Warren is naturally strong and much quicker than he looks. Throughout the season, his footwork has caught up to his instincts on the floor. He has a good eye for the holes through a pack, and has managed to switch up his jamming habits to keep the opposing team guessing. As a blocker, he is sharp and relentless. Once he has you out of bounds, his transitions are lightening quick (and you’re probably about to cut track).

Thing about Warren is that he doesn’t quit. He (rarely) complains and whatever job his coach puts him on to do – he does it 110% from first to last whistle: Even when Mass Maelstrom pummeled him as a jammer, and when there were only six guys for most of the 2nd half against the Death Quads. He always pushes himself.

I am sure that in 2014, he is going to be a critical piece of the Harm City line-up as a blocker, jammer and leader. With continued training and focus, Warren could easily become one of the best men’s skaters on the east coast in upcoming years. Keep your eyes open for him.

Thank you Side Track Studio, A Boy Named Tsunami, Kimmy Kempf and Christi Chadderdon for the photography in this article!

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