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2013 IFBB Olympia Results: Phil Heath reigning Mr. Olympia

The IFBB Olympia is the biggest, most popular event of the year in bodybuilding. The very best professional athletes show off physiques they've spent years perfecting. 2013 had a lineup of the best physiques, and although there were competitors everyone knew would do well, there were other competitors that placed lower than expected.

Nicole Wilkins wins 2013 Figure Olympia

Showdown between Phil Heath and Kai Green

The showdown between Kai Green and Phil Heath was built up from all social media and publication outlets. Fans and athletes knew it would come down to Green and Heath in the top two positions. However; when judged it was Heath, then Green; in that order.

His coach George Farah phosted on Facebook that,

“We did our best and we came short. Kai is officially the people's champ. For you that were at the arena I am sure you heard the crowd reaction. Proud of my boy and I know that his dream will be realized sooner then later.”

There was also a lot of excitement over Jay Cutler’s return. However, Cutler did not make it in the top five; which disappointed fans and supporters.

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Kai Greene
  3. Dennis Wolf
  4. Shawn Rhoden
  5. Dexter Jackson
  6. Jay Cutler
  7. Roelly Winklaar
  8. Mamdouh Elssbiay
  9. Branch Warren
  10. Lionel Beyeke

First Lady of Physique Dana Linn Bailey wins inaugural Ms. Physique Olympia title

The inaugural Women's Physique Olympia was won by none other than the first lady of physique, Dana Linn Bailey. Bailey was the first athlete to win her IFBB Physique procard in 2011. During 2012, her first place wins dipped to 16 at the IFBB New York Pro. This decline was a surprise to everyone, but each subsequent show Bailey placed higher until winning the Olympia.

  1. Dana Linn Bailey
  2. Tycie Copped
  3. Sara Hurrle
  4. Toni West
  5. Patricia Mello
  6. Jillian Reville
  7. Juliana Malacarne
  8. Karina Nascimento
  9. Tamee Marie
  10. Karin Hobbs
  11. Mikaila Soto
  12. Jamie Pinder
  13. Sabrina Taylor
  14. Valerie Gangi
  15. Mindi O'Brien
  16. Venus Nguyen

Nicole Wilkins wins 2013 Figure Olympia

Nicole Wilkins made the decision to sit out of the 2013 Ms. Figure International. She made the decision to legnthen her off season to make improvements for the 2013 Olympia. Wilkin's longer off season gave her time to fine tune her physique, and to become the four-time Figure Olympia winner.

For the past five years, the Monday after Thanksgiving always marks the first day of my prep for the Arnold Classic. But not this year - because, since 2008, I've decided to sit out the event. For the first time since I've been a pro, I'm going to give myself a longer offseason to make the improvements I feel are necessary to get my physique where I want it to be to hopefully win back the Figure Olympia title.

  1. Nicole Wilkins
  2. Erin Stern
  3. Candice Keene
  4. Heather Dees
  5. Mallory Haldeman
  6. Ann Titone
  7. Camala Rodriguez
  8. Gennifer Strobo

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Iris Kyle makes history as a nine-time Olympia winner

Irish Kyle made history as the nine-time Ms. Olympia. Kyle did not compete in the 2012 Arnold classic due to a calf injury, but came back strong during the latter part of the year. Since, Kyle is on a winning streak for the Ms. Internationals and the IFBB Ms. Olympias since 2006.

  1. Iris Kyle
  2. Alina Popa
  3. Debi Laszewski
  4. Yaxeni Oriquen
  5. Brigita Brezovac
  6. Juanita Blaino
  7. Jennifer Abshire
  8. Monique Jones
  9. Anne Freitas
  10. Cathy LeFrancois
  11. Maria Rita Bello
  12. Tina Chandler

Flex takes Men's 212

Flex Lewis came back to defend his 2012 IFBB Olympia title ,and became the two-time 212 champ. As of September 24, the administrators of his Facebook fanpage stated:

The Welsh Dragon has arrived in Las Vegas!!In the deepest line up the 212 Olympia has ever seen, @flex_lewis has pushed himself harder than ever before to defend his 212 Title and the CHAMP is here to take what's his!! -Team Flex-

  1. James Flex Lewis
  2. David Henry
  3. Kevin English
  4. Jose Raymond
  5. Eduardo Correa-
  6. Sami Al Haddad
  7. Guy Cisternino
  8. Troy Alves
  9. Tricky Jackson
  10. Mark Dugdale
  11. Al Auguste
  12. Raul Carrasco

Adela Garcia becomes eight-time Fitness Olympia winner

Adela Garcia is now the eight-time Fitness Olympia winner. Her routine was exciting and entertaining, and showed off her ever fit physique. Oksana Grishina was hot on her heels though, and has been pressing on to win that top spot.

  1. Adela Garcia
  2. Oksana Grishina
  3. Tanji Johnson
  4. Myriam Capes
  5. Bethany Cisternino
  6. Trish Warren
  7. Ryall Graber-Vasani
  8. Regiane Da Silva
  9. Whitney Jones
  10. Michelle Blank
  11. Natalie Planes
  12. Fiona Harris
  13. Diana Montiero

Watch Adela Garcia fitness routine

Mark Anthony Wingson wins IFBB Men's Physique Olympia

Mark Anthony Wingson wins the IFBB Mens' Physique Olympia title. Is anyone surprised?

  1. Mark Anthony Wingson
  2. Jeremy Buendia
  3. Matt Acton
  4. Sadik Hadzovic
  5. Jason Poston
  6. Tyler Anderson
  7. Michael Anderson
  8. Steve Cook
  9. Tory Woodward
  10. Alex Carneiro
  11. Jeff Seid
  12. Anton Antipov
  13. Matt Christianer
  14. William Sullivan
  15. Stephen Mass
  16. John Nguyen

Surprise for Ashley Kaltwasser as 2013 IFBB Bikini Olympia winner

The Bikini Olympia was full of beautiful women as usual. However, Ashley Kaltwasser's first place win was a surprise after placing 10th at the Arnold Classic Ms. International. Even more surprising was former Olympia winner Nathalia Melo's fourth place win, as well as India Paulino fifth place finish.

  1. Ashley Kaltwasser
  2. Yeshaira Robles
  3. Stacey Alexander
  4. Nathalia Melo
  5. India Paulino
  6. Amanda Latona
  7. Courtney King
  8. Justine Munro
  9. Lacey Deluca
  10. Tiffany Boydston
  11. Tawna Eubanks
  12. Gigi Amurao
  13. Ashley LeBlanc
  14. Candice Conroy
  15. Jennifer Andrews
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