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2013 green building standards the norm in Escondido

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Escondido makes builders use California's Green Building Standards.

Builders in the east county city Escondido need to use California green building standards before they can pass a city plan check. Building projects have to guarantee builders use full limits on using natural resources and energy. The projects agreed on with the city the builder submitted to the city January 1st, 2014, or after, stand up to the state standards.

Green building is no longer experimental.

By 2020, home builders have to achieve net zero energy use. The years above zero energy use still is allowed in commercial building end in 2030.

Copies of the 2013 triennial Green Building Standards in chapter 11 in the California Building Code are available at the Escondido Public Library.

Official changes in the triennial standards will still happen. The Code ADvisory Committee at the California Building Standards Council works on changes for July 1st.

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