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2013 calm year for tornadoes, hurricanes in US, but was warmer than usual

According to USA Today the US was warmer and wetter than average in 2013, according to a summary of the nation's weather and climate released today by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

However, as for wild weather, the climate extremes Index from NOAA, which details how severe a given year's temperature, precipitation and tropical storms were, was below average last year. This was the first time that had occurred in four years, since 2009.

Although warmer than average, the year 2013 was notably cooler than 2012, which was the warmest year on record in the USA.

The tornado count for the year was below average, too, according to the annual summary from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center in North Carolina.

The total of around 900 documented tornadoes for the year, marks the lowest annual count since 1989. The yearly average for tornadoes is around 1,250, the report said. The number of billion-dollar weather disasters in the continental U.S. last year totaled seven, including deadly tornadoes and flooding. Overall, these events killed 109 people and brought significant economic impacts.

Global weather and climate data will be released by NOAA next week. Through November, the Earth was having its 4th-warmest year on record.

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