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2012 Trivento Torrontes Reserve

Like a blooming tree
Phil in SWFL

Argentine wine has been growing in popularity and quality the last few years and while red wine is definitely top of mind, Malbec for instance, don’t neglect “the” white grape of Argentina, Torrontes, primarily grown in two areas, Valle de Cafayate and Mendoza, the wine can have very different characteristics depending on the origin of the grapes. Perceived as the “classic” style a Torrontes wine from Valle de Cafayate is a little deeper in color with a slightly heavier texture and weight in the mouth than the wines from Mendoza, which tend toward a lighter and more citrusy nature. That generalization holds true in the 2012 Trivento Torrontes Reserve from Mendoza.

Yellow tinged with green hue in the glass, the bouquet was a bit subdued compared to some lower end Torrontes wine, but it did supply a pleasant peach and honeysuckle aroma. The flavor followed the peach nose, but quickly gave way to blended citrus and flowers supported by a touch of mineral and clean line of acidity in the finish. In a rather strange twist each time I tried this wine I was left with some spiciness on the lips, an odd thing. Another surprise was that while it is not a heavy wine in the mouth it feels “round” as it wraps around the tongue.

Not as heavy as a Viognier or as lean as a Pinot Grigio the notes of the 2012 Trivento Torrontes Reserve play in harmony like a just tuned piano, making it easy to appreciate and overlook just how well made it is. That said, do serve it well chilled, as the wine warmed the flavors and bouquet became less subtle, but at a point the wine turned a bit flabby and uninteresting, at least till the next chilled pour.

Pairing any Torrontes with food can be challenging and I suggest using it as a kick-off aperitif instead of matching up with a course with dinner. However, if you are one that feels wine needs food and vice versa I would recommend something like a white fish or chicken and rice as a main course. Either way your taste runs choose something that will provide substance without overwhelming the fresh tasting and light floral notes in the wine.

Not typically found in the grocery aisle you can expect to pay $10 to $12 at either Total Wine and More or ABC Fine Wine and Spirits depending upon any sale price offers in place. That is a good value for this wine, especially if you have tired of the inevitable Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio served by hosts at a summertime get together. The bottom line is that the fresh, light and clean tasting 2012 Trivento Torrontes Reserve is well deserving of a place in your wine rack for our hot and humid Southwest Florida weather.

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