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2012 too many errors, too much time

2012 movie poster
2012 movie poster
2012 movie poster

Rating 1 out of 5.

There are many words that come to mind when thinking about this film, unfortunately they are all negative. There was a lot of hype surrounding this film and sadly it is possibly one of the worst films of this year.

This film centers around the prophecy that the Earth will end in the year 2012, based on Mayan and other beliefs. We begin with some scientist finding out that the prophecies might be true and a global deal is made to ensure some people will survive the catastrophe. 2012 follows John Cusack as he not only discovers the plans of the world leaders, but his struggle that he and his family undertake in order to possibly survive while the whole world literally falls apart around them.

The acting in this film is decent to say the least, Cusack does a good job as well as Danny Glover and Oliver Platt. It was great to see Thandie Newton, but it is Woody Harrelson with the best performance as well as Zlatko Buric. A key point why these two actors did a great job is probably because they did not have an overly dramatic moment. Practically all the actors in this film had an extremely overly dramatic moment, which got very tiresome and worn.

The visual effects were the only good thing about this film, but they still seemed a little too farfetched to be believable, seriously no traffic in the middle of the road in California, I have lived in California and there was always a car or two in front of you during the day. Also what is with those cell phones, they worked anywhere and they never had a busy line during a world-wide catastrophic event.

This film is not only predictable, but almost all the scenes were highly dramatic, even the simplest things were dramatic and they really did not need to be. This film is very long like around two and a half hours and it really did not need to be this long. I really want to tear this film apart with spoilers, but the list would end up longer than the actual film. If you do want to see this film, see it in the theaters for the epic-ness of the film, televisions will not be able to capture the grandness of this film. Hawaii also has a pretty cool moment that I enjoyed as maybe the best moment in the entire film. Sadly this might not be the end of this horrible film. Roland Emmerich who was the producer and director has confirmed that he is planning on making a television series.

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