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2012, the end of the world is here!

Earth 2012
Earth 2012
Steven Switzer

Well, here we are. It is already 2012. Here we are already three and a half weeks into the new year and some changes are already on their way. The world will end.

Well, not exactly. The world will still physically be here after December 21, 2012, but it may very well signal a new era, a new way of doing things. But that has already been going on for some time hasn't it? We just haven't noticed. The world as we know it is coming to an end.

Think about it. There is a spiritual, social and political change coming and we are witnessing it. There is a new world order. It was predicted many years ago and has been in the works for many years now. But 2012 may symbolically represent the actual transition into the new era. There will be changes in government and style of government. There will be changes in society and culture. New discoveries will be made in the future that will radically change the way we see the universe and ourselves.

People are probably asking, "Will the world suddenly be converted to an Islamic caliphate by jihad and everyone will be bowing to Mecca?" Or "Will the Communists and Marxists take over the world?", or "Will the Christian Fundamentalist right wing establish a theocracy in the United States and establish Jesusland?" or "Will the Jews, who control much of the money in the world, somehow establish power and take over the world?" Probably not! It's more complicated than that.

Muslims cannot take over the world. They simply don't have the money or the physical resources. Yes, they have lots of oil, but they have spent much of their money waging jihad against the civilized world and funding frivolous projects and most of the Islamic world is simply broke. And even, if somehow, they did manage to take over the world, they wouldn't know what to do with it. Controlling a whole world is a huge responsibility and they wouldn't be up to it. As soon as they turned the last nation on Earth to an Islamic state, they would suddenly turn on each other and wage war against each other. And as soon as the Muslims would turn and wage war against each other, non Muslims who are left would then take control back from them. The boundaries of the Islamic world are roughly the same as they were 500 years ago. Yes there are Muslims now in every civilized nation on Earth, but do you think that the richest and most powerful people in the world are going to let a bunch of people still living in the seventh century CE take all their wealth and money away from them and all their political power they have? Not likely!

The same problem with the Communists. Neo Marxism is now becoming more popular among academics. But it is just simply a rehash and revision of old Marxism. But old Marxism didn't work, and new Marxism won't work either. The chief failure of Communism, Socialism, and Marxism in general is their failure to take human nature into consideration and the laws of nature. You need competition to stimulate growth. Marxism defuses competition in an attempt to level the playing field. It tries to create a truly egalitarian society. But once you destroy competition, you destroy all motivation to improve and grow. In other words, the system stagnates. And stagnation is a prelude to extinction. The world is a dynamic place -- you need dynamics to survive. For all its evils, capitalism utilizes the dynamics of the natural world and will continue to survive. Despite humans' attempts to modify the laws of nature, they only wind up creating artificial systems that still utilize a modified form of the laws of nature. And, of course, the other reason that Communism won't succeed, is competition itself, from other ideologies and social and political beliefs.

Fundamentalist Christians, like their Muslim counterparts, live in a dream land. Yes, in theory, fundamentalist Christians could hijack the 2012 election and create a virtual theocratic state of Jesusland in the United States. But the results would be devastating. Instead of creating a rich and prosperous America as they promise, America would spiral down into an abyss of misery and decay. Take a look at history. Every theocratic state that has ever existed has always created the same thing. And it doesn't matter whose religion it is. They create bigoted, socially and religiously intolerant nations with utterly myopic visions of the world. They always tend to create totalitarian societies. Jesusland would be no different. In fact, if the fundamentalists were to actually succeed in creating such a nation, it would look little different than a Sharia state in the Islamic world. There is a reason Jefferson insisted on a wall of separation of church and state! No, the Fundamentalist Christians won't be taking over anytime soon. There are too many people with too much to lose including the politicians.

Is has been falsely perceived that the Jews could be perceived to take over the world because of their control of the purse strings of the world. All this hype comes from a fictive document called "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." which alleges that the Jews have a secret plot to control the world through controlling all the key elements of business, industry, and economics in the world. The idea works on paper, but not in real life. Even if the document were real, it is highly doubtful that Jews would have enough clout to actually pull it off. The Jews are smart, but not that smart. And of course, there are so few of them. Of course, they do have influence even for the few that they are. That part is true, and they certainly are smart to gain as much influence over finance, industry and business as possible. But there are approximately only some 20 million Jews world wide, and most live in Israel and in the United States, this out of some 7 billion people worldwide. In order to even have one percent of the world's population, they would need some 70 million people. Minority controlled societies generally have to have somewhere between 3 to 5 percent to effectively control a society from within by controlling all of its main functions and most minority controlled societies have more than that. (Whites in South Africa during Apartheid had roughly 20 percent of the population of South Africa.) The Jews simply don't have the numbers. They would need some 200 million to 350 million people world wide in order to even have a chance to control the world. And they would need representation in every nation on Earth, which they don't. There are nations on Earth with no Jews at all. Muslims actually have a better chance; they have the numbers, at 1.5 billion, but they, as we have already seen, are terrible with money!

No, the above scenarios are not likely to happen.

There is another scenario which is far more likely, although it may seem fantastic, something out of a science fiction film or book. For some, to contemplate this may be frightening, but it nonetheless is already reality and it is now virtually impossible to stop it. It is the rise of the Machine State. Seems incredible?

It is not at all incredible. It has been happening since the 1980's and is continuing now. Nearly all humans on Earth are bound by it and are connected by it. The Machine State is already here. It just has not reached its full potential and power, but it is here.

The Machine State is a world wide state controlled by an alliance of human beings and machines. Actually, in later years, it might be more like cyborgs. No, it won't be quite like the Borg in Star Trek, nor the Cylons of Battlestar Galactica nor the Daleks of Dr. Who, but human beings and machines will start to form a kind of symbiotic relationship and create a new world order from it.

With machines, things are now possible that were only fantasy years ago. With computers, it is now possible to create real or virtual reality, so to the point that they are virtually indistinguishable. Fantasy and reality are slowly being blended together. Dreams are now in the process of becoming real.

This has profound implications for society in general including government, social order, and religion. It is likely that we will see a return to a more primitive religion similar to that of ancient shamans and a religion based more on individual experience rather than dogma. The machines will, in fact, create a whole new religion and a whole new industry devoted to it.

The society of Earth will evolve into a beneficent dictatorship with a quasi religious hierarchy and a systemic social order based on both proficiency in the Machine and physical prowess. This is most likely the future of Earth.

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