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2012 Snow Ball - Mindrite, Index Case, Dead Horse Trauma, Calous, Hath No Fury

Pictures of all the bands and some hilarity from the crowd at the Snow Ball.
Pictures of all the bands and some hilarity from the crowd at the Snow Ball.
Jason Vajgrt

A small, yet cozy crowd got together at People's on Court Friday night for the annual Snow Ball. A concert put on by People's on Court and the 660 Group. A lot of great rock was on tap this night and all who were in attendance enjoyed the show.

First up, Hath No Fury, a group with a dynamic pair of vocalists, the harmonization works well together. Jen Allen's guitarwork is impressive, she can hold a root note for a good time. Her phrasing is great. Kristen knows how to work a crowd, and Jeff plays a sweet bass! The music was the quietest of the night, lacking the bombast and show of the later acts. The music is written mellow, and it has a great feeling to it. This was a nice touch on the evening.

Calous came second on the billing, this being their second performance at the Snow Ball. Last year, the vocalist was underwhelming, however, this year, a new vocalist added a LOT to the performance. The metal-core style was carried over well with the new vocalist, the band was solid as a rock. An amazing set.

Up next, Dead Horse Trauma, the beast of a metal-core band! Leading off the set with a song off the new album and punctuating their short set with classic tracks. I LOVE the fact that they have their own light mixing guy as a member of the band...dude is REALLY into it! I love it!

Index Case came out with a couple of tracks from the Augustagein album. The set was well-handled by the group, these guys have been out for about 13 years or so, and they never disappoint! The crowd loves them, and I'm becoming a bigger fan every time I see them. The hard rock styles never leave you disappointed. They also capped off the set with an AMAZING cover of "Rocket" by Def Leppard!

Mindrite then came out and performed a highly-abbreviated set. Some of the concertgoers were disappointed in this, but the guys still came out, debuted a couple of new songs, and tore up through some new ones as well as good hits.

I wasn't able to stay for the after-show this time around, but I'm told it was a riot!

The biggest disappointment of the night was the sound mixing. Hath No Fury suffered the fury of the mixing board as the vocals were difficult to hear during their set. This problem righted itself around Dead Horse Trauma


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