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2012 Re Midas Soave

A wine for a meal.
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Many folks refer to Soave as the “ultimate fish wine” while ultimate may be a bit strong I would certainly suggest picking up a bottle to serve with your fish fry, fish bake or just anytime you are building a course or meal around white fish. This week I tried the 2012 Re Midas Soave from the Veneto region in Northeast Italy. Made from100% Garganega grapes this wine left me wondering why more people in Southwest Florida don’t know about Soave and why more restaurants in this area don’t include it in their wine list.

Begin by thoroughly chilling this wine, I found that as it warmed some of the clean quality of the flavor was lost. After pouring you will see an even light gold color in the glass and a fruity blend of lemon and lychee with flowery notes of honeysuckle on the nose, the somewhat delicate combination was light and clean serving as a good indication of the taste to come. That taste was soft and citrusy, moving smoothly from the front to the back of the palate in a way that left no points untouched by layers of flavor. The lingering ending had a slight hint of toasted vanilla with a clean bite of acidity that created a desire for more.

While it was good as a standalone choice this wine really moved up the pleasure meter as a complement to our meal. Fish would be the classic choice to pair with a Soave, but the solid body of the Re Midas was a great match with chicken breast and mixed vegetables. That flexibility makes this a good wine for the hot weather light and casual dining soon to come across the country, but especially in South Florida.

While there is nationwide distribution of the 2012 Re Midas Soave you may have to special order from your favorite wine store or look for online options, it doesn’t appear to be a stock item in Fort Myers. Expect to pay around $10 which is a great value for a wine that can be paired up with so many different foods and events. You might even consider it for that beachfront wedding and reception this summer season.

Bottom line evaluation of the Re Midas Soave is this is a solid value for the money that I would rate in the upper 80;s in a 100 point scale. While I am not completely sold on it for a standalone drink it will definitely enhance your meal and fit the variety of palates at a party, pick up a few bottles chill well and see for yourself, I will.

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