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2012 is here, now what about those resolutions?

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What 2012 brings forth!

Happy New Years to all! Hope you had a great time stuffing your face because now is the time to turn everything around. Many have claimed to make the pledge to end the eating habits and lose weight. The question concerns whether you will stick to the plan, but also you need to have a plan to stick to.

Just to claim you will lose weight is not enough. Now is the time to draw up a format of exercise to use and new eating habits. Starting tomorrow right here will cover the positives to rowing exercises and how to incorporate each into your plan. Also healthy eating habits will be reviewed along with different diets. Let’s shed that extra weight and get in shape whether it be for rowing season for you special rowers out there or just the regular person looking to stun this spring break.

Stay tuned for the latest rowing, dietary habits, and exercise to help turn you into a peak performer!

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