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Channeling is a natural human gift
Channeling is a natural human gift

It is the time of the gathering, when kindred spirits unite in clusters all over the world. Houston is a hub of electric energy right now and so many new-old faces are appearing in the metaphysical community here. Old souls in young bodies are especially challenging the older generations to break unhealthy habits and begin the cycle of healing, for the raise in vibration it will bring will prepare us for the shift of 2012.

The True Impact

So many clients have recently asked me about 2012 – how it will affect them, what will happen to the earth. What I can tell you is nothing will be what you may dream it to be. The earth is ever changing and will not be diverted from its own spiritual growth by what humankind does or does not do. It is Gia, the earth-mother, who has a spirit bigger than all of us combined and knows how to take care of herself. We as a people, however, will experience an energetic rift during the year 2012. This rift will send a great many souls into the fourth dimension, a long-awaited return to an energetic form and instant manifestation of all that you desire. The rest will stay in the state of the earthly third dimension and play out many more lifetimes to come riding the tides of her natural evolution.

The Dimensional Shift
When the shift occurs, it will be a smooth one, a time of blurred memory. You may have a faint memory of an “aunt Sally” and wonder whatever happened to her? These shifts have taken place time and time again through the ages, but this will be the largest in the history of the earth. Those who have reached the matching vibration when the wave comes through will be taken by it, and will find themselves in a place that looks no different than their current home. The difference will be the future.

The New World
As the higher frequency fourth dimension continues its course, the spiritual evolution of all of its inhabitants will be accelerated. It will be a world of peace, harmony and creation. There will be communication through telepathy. Love and acceptance will be gifted to everyone. This will be a creative world, a divine feminine of higher learning and the fluid development of music, art and intuitive thought.

The Old World
As the remaining souls carry on in the third dimension, the work to be done will be dramatic. There will be a great many Light Workers who will choose to stay behind and work with bringing balance to the rivaling sides of the pendulum: good and evil. Though duality is what makes up the third dimension, it is the goal of oneness that will always bring people together and continue the growth of our kind.

Know that whether you go or stay, you have masterminded a great adventure for yourself and it has been your intent all along. Embrace your place in the dimensions and be proactive with your energy to maintain peace within you. The best is yet to be.

This article along with my class schedule can be found in the April 2010 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine in Houston. For more info on me, please visit my website at


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