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2011 Spin the Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon

A friendly wine for casual times.
A friendly wine for casual times.
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Admittedly the 2011 Spin the Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon has me a bit conflicted. Unlike the Red Blend and Chardonnay which had several strong features that hid the lack of depth and layering of flavor this wine is a good example of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape without singular highlights to set it apart from the other budget Cab wine available in the area.

A light garnet color in the glass the nose is a nice blend of dark berry fruit set against an earthy dried tobacco aroma. The flavor is just as subtle and simple as the aroma, black cherry fruit with a sense of sugary sweetness and spice on the backend. The lingering essence of flavor makes for a pleasant finale, however, the very, very soft tannin while sure to make this wine more accessible to a lot of beginning wine drinkers, fails to provide the structure and framing to the fruit that can make a Cabernet Sauvignon a memorable meal pairing. Instead consider this a nice standalone choice for an evening in or an evening starter before a night out with friends. If you do choose the meal route avoid a lot of heavy and robust beef entrées, go with a less marbled cut of beef or even a pork loin with rustic vegetables on the side.

Like the Chardonnay and Red Blend you can find the 2011 Spin the Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon through Total Wine and More for under $10, not a bad deal for a very drinkable red wine. So what is my conflict? As an entry point or budget wine for a party with friends this would be a good choice, but I found little to set it apart from many other value priced Cabs crowding our local wine shelves.

So would I buy it, yes for a house wine when a glass or two seals the evening or for one of my wife’s casual get together events and in the end that seems to be the winemaker’s intent for a line called Spin the Bottle with a quirky animated label. Bottom line this is a sound, true to the varietal and accessible wine at a reasonable price, like the picture shows, this is a wine for casual times.