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2011 Resolutions I Stole from a Famous Working Dad

I admit, I’ve been having trouble getting fired up about keeping up with my blogging, but recent tweets from working dad Neil Patrick Harris have inspired me to fire off a quick entry before 2010 comes to a close.

@ActuallyNPH has tweeted a number of resolutions for 2011, many of which I agree with, and some of which I will never be able to relate to, such as: “Try not to insult aged soap stars, especially when you're on the same network.”

In no particular order, here are more of Neil Patrick Harris’ resolutions, and my thoughts on how they’ll apply to my life as a working mom in 2011:

* “Drink one glass of water for every glass of booze.”

An admirable goal. I should also probably tack on ‘drink less booze.’

* “More nachos.”

I can’t complain about a lack of nachos since they are one of my husband’s favorite dishes.

* “Spend a small part of every day reading. Not surfing, not searching - just reading.”

Easily accomplished, especially since I received a Kindle from my higher-ups at work in recognition for a job well-done. I’d probably add “Spend more time reading to my children.” There’s always time for more reading throughout the day.

* “Host less, sleep more.”

Again, not one I can relate to. My journey to an EGOT will be a long one.

* “Learn to speak baby.”

I’ve just started to get the hang of it with baby #2, and she’s already transitioning from baby babble to full sentences.

* “Send more thank you notes. It only takes a few minutes, and is a very nice gesture.”

So true, and definitely something I should instill in my daughters, heck, even my husband! Thank-you notes are expected after birthdays and Christmas, but wouldn’t it be nice to send them after a friend has taken you out to a nice lunch, after a colleague has gone the extra mile for you?

* “Much more yoga. Long, lean muscles. Calm, clear mind.”

Ahhh … yoga. This is definitely towards the top of my list.

* “Return emails and texts in a timely manner.”

There’s nothing that irritates me more than a full inbox of messages older than a day or two, especially at work.

So thanks Neil Patrick Harris, and good luck to you and everyone else who attempts to stick with their resolutions in 2011.


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