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2011 Holiday gift guide for movie lovers

Auteur Magnets
Auteur Magnets

With the holiday season upon us and those doing last minute shopping for movie lovers, do I have some great news for you! For the consumers having difficulty locating good deals this holiday season for the movie lover, let this writer tell one about the best movie deal going on right now at Blockbuster! Any previously viewed movies $14.99 and under are 3 for $19.99 and 5 for $29.99! Any of the previously viewed films also combine Blu-rays and one can get three box-sets or combine a box-set with two movies for the same prices. Right now it is called build your own bundle! This is one of the better deals that I have seen for movie lovers this holiday season. A Blockbuster Movie Pass can also be purchased for anything in the store for $14.99 a month! This does not count with the online mailers, but that is still an excellent deal for as many exchanges one out at a time that one can think of per month. That is basically what one is paying for Netflix, without the games. This is something especially good for gamers who occasionally wants to rent a feature. For directions to the Hiram and Mableton locations, closest to Austell click on this link for Hiram and this link for Mableton.

I feel the need to also note the Top Ten Gifts that Screen Crave are reporting for movie lovers this holiday season.

10. For The Classical Hollywood Fan
There is a box-set of 14 different Alfred Hitchcock films, including documentaries, commentaries and various other bonus material. This is something that this writer is hoping to find fairly priced after Christmas sometime. After all, that is when I will have my Christmas money to spend. More about the collection itself though! There is also a thirty-six page collectible book! Come to find out is an excellent place to gain this collection for rather cheap at $57.99! That is a steal for his classic pieces of cinema people! Here I come the day after Christmas!

9. For Those Under The Ryan Gosling Spell
Granted there is the obvious choice in buying your friends Crazy, Stupid, Love for Christmas, and right now most places have it for about $15.00 right now. That is pretty good considering it just came out at the first of November. For those of you who don't want to give an actual film though, but something film related to Gosling, try the Scorpion jacket from the film Drive. Granted this is not a gift for someone wanting to save some cash this season, seeing as the jacket costs $159.99, but this is something that any Gosling fan will appreciate if you have the money to blow on such this holiday season at Steady Clothing!

8. For The Fashionista

There are a lot of people who will purposely watch cinema to get a glance at the various fashion taking place in Hollywood these days. Sometimes this is also to take a glance back at the history of fashion depending on the feature. There is not a book focusing on one of Hollywood's greatest costume designers, Edith Head. In fact, the book is entitled Edith Head: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood’s Greatest Costume Designer. Edith Head is the woman who has in fact won the most Academy Awards for costume designs over the years. This includes behind-the-scene photographs, sketches, and only images that the fashionsita could only dream about viewing from an expert in the field. The book can be purchased for $47.25 at

7. For The Auteur Theorist
While the listing is a dead link now, there was a build your own magnet set of various film directors including, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, Roman Polanski, Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, The Coen Brothers and many more through a story on Etsy. The set of eight, which I can only hope will end up going back on the site soon comes with a set of 8 magnets all for $24! There is something cool about having a cartoon version of Tim Burton on one's fridge!

6. For The Moviegoer
Going to the theater is a treat for anyone these days. Depending on what theater and the time of day one attends the person pays anywhere from $8 to $18! Remember the insane prices and get a gift card to a local theater around the area for various prices. This is something that one can truly control and while it might feel impersonal, just remember that you are giving the gift of entertainment and the gift of experiencing a piece of cinema in its intended location. For directions to Movies 278 in Hiram or Regal Stadium 22 in Austell, please click on the appropriate link.

For the rest of the Top Ten List, please click here.

To shop around for other Blu-rays or DVDs sales this holiday season please check out your local Austell Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or Kmart.


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