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2011 Holiday gift guide for Magic: the Gathering players

So your friend or loved one plays Magic: the Gathering, and you don't know what to get them this holiday season? That's ok! Here are several different holiday gift ideas for Magic: the Gathering players that are sure to be welcomed.

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Wizards of the Coast
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Wizards of the Coast

Gifts for all Magic: the Gathering players

Deck Sleeves and Deck Boxes ($2.50-$10)
Every Magic: the Gathering should own deck sleeves and boxes to protect their cards. They help to minimize the wear from play and tear and protect their financial value. For Magic players who enter tournaments, deck sleeves and deck boxes are a must - which is why they make our list of holiday gifts for Magic: the Gathering players. Sleeves always degrade with use, and it is quite common for players to buy deck sleeves on a regular basis.

Deck sleeves typically come in packages of 50, 75, or 100 to a pack. A full Magic deck with sideboard will be 75 cards, so if you purchase in packs of 50 I recommend buying three so they can sleeve two full decks. Prices range from $2.50 for a pack of 50 up to $10+ for a pack of 100. Deck boxes are sold separately, and are typically only $2-$4 for plastic ones; however one could splurge more for fancier deck boxes made from aluminum.

Card Binders & Pages ($10-$20)
Trading is a big part of Magic: the Gathering. Players typically show off their cards using card binders. Every Magic player also needs a way to organize their cards, and card binders allow players to do so in a way that will let them see, and display them with pride.

Card binders also make it easier to find cards for their decks. Card binders and pages can come in one of two ways: one can either buy a card binder and the pages separately, or they can buy a binder that has pages already attached.

Innistrad or M12 Booster Packs ($4 each) or a Booster Box ($90-$143 per box)
Innistrad is the most recent Magic: the Gathering expansion set, and M12 is the most recent core set. Chances are that your favorite Magic player is still collecting cards from both. Buying several Innistrad booster packs or a Innistrad booster box for them are sure to accepted with open arms.

There are 36 packs in an Innistrad booster box, and if you plan on purchasing a lot of booster packs it is wiser (and cheaper) to buy an Innistrad Booster Box. While the MSRP of a booster box is officially $143.64, if you look around online you'll find them for as low as $90.

Innistrad is the first expansion in the current block, and booster packs of Innistrad will be needed for several months to come in order to participate in drafts. That makes Innistrad a safe bet. Be it booster packs or booster boxes, this is most certainly the number one holiday gift for Magic: the Gathering players.

Card Singles (Prepaid debit card of $25-$100)
Every Magic: the Gathering player is always looking for card singles to complete their latest deck. Not all hobby shops carry card singles. A Visa Gift Card is one option, as they will be able to pick up the card singles they need from the online retailer of their choice or from Magic Online.

Gifts for new Magic Players ($12.99)
If you are looking teach someone how to play magic, try one of Innistrad Intro Packs: Carnival of Blood, Deathly Dominion, Eldritch Onslaught , or Spectral Legions. Each also comes with a booster pack of Innistrad.

Gifts for existing Magic Players ($19.99 - $29.99)
Each of these products are great, however you might want to see if your loved one has already purchased them first - they'll only want one of each:
Duel Decks: Ajani vs Nicol Bolas
Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons ($19.99)
Premium Deck Series Graveborn ($24.99)
Commander: Pollitical Puppets or one of the other 4 Commander decks ($29.99)

Make your Magic player's holiday a happy one
No matter what your holiday gift choice is, be it deck sleeves, deck boxes, card binders, Innistrad booster packs, or card singles, you are sure to make your Magic player happy.

What Magic: the Gathering product would you like to receive as a holiday gift?

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Innistrad Intro Packs:
Carnival of Blood, Deathly Dominion, Eldritch Onslaught , and Spectral Legions

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