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2011: Greatest to losers with sports nutrition crowd

Muscle Heads Keep out
Muscle Heads Keep out
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2011 has had some ups and downs in the Sports Nutrition world.

In Europa we have seen a ban on natural supplements that may still cross the great pond. The "new dietary ingredient" guidelines has not gone away just taken a back-burner to all the other politics. The will not only effect supplement stores in the Denver Great area but nation wide

We have seen a customer service blunder from Planet Fitness in Westminster, CO. By not showing off their gym to new customers. But nation wide by not offering personal training and having rules that insult a group of lifters, the true lifters. Even having a commercial that insults Arnold by mocking his accent.

Speaking of true lifters, Denver, even the whole state Colorado has three true great new lifters that we are proud of.

Brian Shaw, is the 2011 "World's Strongest Man". This young man has brought the MetRx's Gold to Colorado. But, this isn't the first first for Colorado this year.

Phil Heath has bought the "Mr O" title to Colorado as well. Both of these men have made us so proud of them and the sports they represent.

The third lifter is one you may not have thought of being a true lifter, but he works out daily and longer and tries harder than most. He even gives thanks to what has made him the person he is daily, several times a day in fact. Tim Tebow! A true man, willing to show respect and his love for his savior and God on and off the field. Someone who has inspired so many that "Tebowing" is world wide. And he is all that and truly humble as well.

2011 is also the year we lost one of the greatest lifters in sports nutrition history, Jack Lalanne. Francois Henri "Jack" LaLanne (September 26, 1914 – January 23, 2011) was an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert and motivational speaker who is sometimes called "the godfather of fitness" and the "first fitness superhero." Jack inspired billions to become more fitness and watch what they ate.

The economy has had it's ups and downs as well for the past several years but sports nutrition is growing more than ever and with so many lives and sports depending on good nutrition supplements, the business is only going to grow.

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