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2011 Ford Explorer a smash hit on Web

Ford Motor Co. seems to have struck marketing gold with the 2011 Ford Explorer.

2011 Ford Explorer
Getty Images

Whether the opening-day buzz will translate to showroom sales remains to be seen.

Ford held a number of media events today to unveil the new redesigned 2011 Explorer. CEO Alan Mulally did interviews with stations including CNBC this morning.

The new Ford Explorer is said to be sleeker and more fuel-efficient than previous models. It's an important part of Ford's turnaround efforts, which to this point have been far more successful than those of fellow domestic automakers GM and Chrysler.

The buzz around the new Explorer has been evident on the Web all day today, with the search term "2011 Ford Explorer" near the top of the Google Trends list.

Ford did much of the opening-day marketing through its Facebook page. Below is a video Ford released to go with the launch.


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