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2011: Another year...another missed opportunity for change

Disagreement: The legacy of 2011.  Will we witness more of the same in 2012?
Disagreement: The legacy of 2011. Will we witness more of the same in 2012?

The year 2011 has come to a close.

America is still standing, but her legs are beginning to wane.

Our vision for the future of this nation is becoming foggy, and people are finding it difficult to navigate the seeming endless waves of disagreement and discourse that pound against our surf and weaken the foundation of this country.

How long do we expect our America to stand under these conditions?

2011 was ravaged with riots and wars, natural disasters, political scandals, financial woes, untimely deaths and global protests. Few (if any) of the issues that either caused these events, or were the results of these events, have even come close to being resolved.

In short…when it comes to our nation, very little (if anything) has changed.

And with 2012 upon us, there are even fewer strategies available that could be employed to help relieve us of our suffering, and bring an end to the worldwide chaos.

As human beings, we need each other to survive. As Americans, we need each other to make progress toward reaching our common goals, which in turn will allow us all to enjoy the liberties of our nation.

Instead, we insist on remaining at odds with one another, finding little room for compromise while wasting valuable time and exerting precious energy searching for the best ways to tear each other down.

2012 needs to a year characterized by fairness, equality and justice…traits that can only be achieved through our cooperative efforts to purge our natural instincts to combat against one another and genuinely work together to reach our shared goals.

The power of change is in our hands. When we truly make the decision to change as individuals, we can inherit the collective opportunity to change our environment and work in unison to develop the necessary solutions to solve the problems of this nation.


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