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2011 and Kanas City's still got the blues

Knock Kneed Sally at last year's SIDS benefit at Tavern on Green
Knock Kneed Sally at last year's SIDS benefit at Tavern on Green
Guinevere Patterson

2011 is finally underway. It still feels funny to say, and good luck writing it correctly the first time on the “date” space of any paperwork you may encounter. All of your holiday plans and New Years preparation can't save you now. If you're anything like this Examiner, then you've probably fallen out of the loop. Luckily, one man still has his finger on the blues music scene! Coyote Bill, slam bang slide guitarist and reporter for Big City Blues and the KCBS Blues News knows what's going on and is prepared to give us a peek into the scene to start off our new year:

El Coyote reminds us that the Kansas City blues party presented by Knock Kneed Sally on a weekly basis at clubs all around Kansas City and through the Midwest is making its way onto compact disc. The Examiner spoke directly with Knock Kneed Sally front man Stovepipe Perkins to find out a few details. The new album will be titled “Urban Elevator Music, Volume 3”, and it should be available by the fourth of February, if everything continues to line up well. It will be packed with all original material. So sayeth the Pipe:

Happy danceable hits with lyrics like...


We dont talk so I dont know
She just dont want my key in her door no more
She fell out of love with me

Blue Self:

Started talking and that line went dead
She never heard a single word I said
I kept on talkin'...
Gotta put my blue self on the shelf

Thought I saw you just the other day
Wasn't sure, until you turned away
I kept on staring
Gotta put my blue self on the shelf

This Examiner has had the pleasure of hearing some of the great original material the band has been producing, including performances in the Kansas City Blues Society's qualifying rounds of the International Blues Challenge. The songs are memorable, rockin' and beautiful. You can hear some of Knock Kneed Sally's music at

There's also big news out in Lee's Summit at Tavern on Green. Straight from the Coyote's mouth: “Dick Schulte is having his annual SIDS Benefit coming up Jan 29 at T.O.G. [Coyote Bill and His Wild Ones]'ve been asked to play again, and it got me thinking about the '10 bands in 10 hours' that played last year. Penelope and the Unusual Suspects, Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band, Destination Band, Lindsey and the House Cats are all defunct or dormant. [Knock Kneed Sally] last year featured Mike Vande, Taz, Matt Carter, Mike Homola all of whom are not in the current lineup.”

Indeed the lineup change for Knock Kneed Sally is a big portion of the latest Kansas City blues news. All reports say that the new lineup is a real powerhouse set up. Speaking of power house, we're lucky to have Knock Kneed Sally around at all, since lead singer/guitarist Stovepipe Perkins got a life threatening jolt of electricity at the after-party for the C.O.P.P benefit that Coyote Bill hosted at the Hide Out Bar and Grill in the Northland. According to Stovepipe, he knew that he was getting a little bit of a tingle off of his microphone at the basement gig, but he was literally shocked to see an arc of electricity connect him to his microphone with heartstopping force. The charge was strong enough to literally melt some of the strings off of his guitar. Several witnesses saw a string glowing hotly and dripping molten metal on the floor. Though he sustained minor injuries, including burned fingers and lips, Perkins took only a short break before returning to the microphone and finishing out the show. That's dedication.


  • Anonymous2 4 years ago

    Write a piece on a band that is actually good. Knock Kneed Sally is a joke.

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