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2011 - A Gateway of Blessings

2011 – A Gateway of Blessings

With the old saying, “Everything comes in 3’s,” we take entrance to the year 2011. Over the last three years, our world quickened into a state of 3X3 awakening through a process of reorganization and repositioning unseen in a time lapse possibly as rapid in known history of personal evolution and introspection of our lives, our environment and our world. Phenomena in changes occurring in nature, economics, power shifts, and the inner voices from across our globe taking strength. An energy movement created to realign all aspects of your life, with at times taking comfort levels which were known and accepted, then reduced into the very depths of unknowing and rebuild. On a surface level, jobs, the economy, planetary and earth alignments all became visible outer energy signs. On the inner level, those parts of ourselves felt buried or unwanted to surface became heaved into our consciousness for release and recreation. Possibly the hardest of times to endure in our world in a 3-year lapse of time of record. Why?

For a very long time the messages have came for a new alignment of unified energy in our world, not only in what is seen as human, but also Earth and throughout our planetary system as well. They have been interpreted in religious messages, scientific analysis, New Age, Old Age, Ancient, and Now. All energy is like energy and only transformed into the various forms we see and exist in this world, yet one energy that has been disconnected and found or accepted to be separated into form and matter rather than continual without beginning or end. This world is not heading towards destruction of matter and disappearance in 2012. Energy is becoming unified without separation and dissection, as it has been known to be. We are entering a year of building upon a unified energy life force.

We have lived through a period where the very best and most horrendous acts thought possible by humanity have unfolded in a surfacing and releasing of energy, re-establishing humanity for the future. People have seen themselves choosing to lead their lives from the inner being of who they are rather than being lead against their truest beliefs. Talking, writing and experiencing energy shifts is no longer methodology from the back of a book store, underground writing or ignoring how energy affects their life but also those around them each moment of their lives. Finding the source of creation, which exists in all of humanity, and creation linked in physical form.

2011 is the blessing of opportunity to flow into your perfect space, assisted by the spiritual being you already are, rather than a belief that only an afterlife can find that space of connection, becoming part of the flow, which was intended in peace for humanity. Do I personally believe a mass exodus as predicted in the revelations is going to separate the known from the unknown? No, all are already known with none left behind in the energy shift of life. A greater consciousness for gravitating towards what works, rather than does not work in finding peace is rapidly becoming more prevalent throughout the world. Terrorism, though still part of our world is increasing finding less attention and energy given to the acts, pulling the energy away from hostility and aggression into finding valuable and workable solutions where all can live as one.

The less attention given to forms of energy in your world, which are not part of your choices, will diffuse that energy, transforming and releasing the chosen forms to be a part of your world. Transforming your energy is not about living life in bliss, separating yourselves from distresses your life, harmoniously living in nature and taming a beast – it is about choosing differently, and allowing and accepting the changes in life to transform your energy into your highest choice of existence. Discarding a need for expectations upon others, living, and creating your expectations to become the life of choice. 2011, a gateway in doing so, opening to your desires. You can walk 1000 miles outside or yourself in search of answers, as you enter the gateway – it is time to walk back to the most innermost part of which you are and be the person of your choice. As you find that space of standing still, you find the key to be the new creator and source of choice. I asked one time “Why with all I am trying to do, do I feel I am not as I should be” – “Stand still, that is where we are waiting.” Stop running and pursuing, stand still in your truth. Welcome and be blessed by 2011, it is all about you!



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