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2011-2012 Middle Tennessee Winter Outlook

Farmers' Almanac Winter Outlook for 2012
Farmers' Almanac Winter Outlook for 2012

Winter will soon be upon us and many of you are wondering just what sort of winter we'll have across middle Tennessee. Depending on which part of middle Tennessee you live in the average is from 7"-12" of snow annually. This post will be updated as more information is released from credible sources!

Each year I post the 'Winter Outlook' and they have been most popular posts on this weather page at Examiner. Obviously, I encourage and welcome your comments. Let me know what you think about the upcoming winter of 2011-2012. There are winter outlooks from past years at the blog.

Our first map is from the 'Farmers Almanac' and shows Tennessee to be 'very mild/very wet'. To me, this would indicate a rainy winter with little snow accumulation. The challenge for the Farmers Almanac post and map is they lump in all of Tennessee with the deep south and that is a flawed assumption. As many of you know, weather from Cookeville eastward is completely different than Nashville westward due (mainly) to elevation and the Appalachian mountain chain. We receive 'backside' moisture from low pressure systems that have pushed eastward while much of west Tennessee doesn't.

Map #2 includes a related story and is a rough estimation from the folks with Accu-Weather. It shows a 'near normal' winter or snow forecast for the middle Tennessee area and heavy snow for east Tennessee this winter. They take the Appalachian mountain chain into consideration with their map.

Don't expect to see a winter outlook from NOAA until about mid-late October. I will update this post as other outlooks are made available. As of now, I don't think we're ready to release a definitive prediction about winter in Cookeville, TN.

Last link is the best planting dates for seeds. I included this since we discussed the winter of 2011-2012 and know some of you wanted to look ahead!


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