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2010s Miramar Rd a wide road

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The traffic into La Jolla west on Miramar Road eased up over the last 8 years since workers began widening the stretch to the I-805 ramp to four lanes. Eight years the Miramar Road Widening Project dragged on.

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Safe right turns, now that the final lane, a westbound right turn lane at Eastgate Mall, has been striped in thin, put an end to the planned work. Taken out of the straight ahead lane, the flat right turn lane does not cut into old Union 76 gas station property, and give drivers a wide turn. But, drivers have a streetside to drive through to turn at the corner a recently striped bike lane merges into the turn lane.

Move ahead traffic gets to where it is going. At picked up speeds.

The turn onto the Eastgate Mall runs into two lanes on a four lane street workers layed in during the 2010s. Not just local traffic travels past the corner car wash and up into the La Jolla community Regents Road crosses. The street is a pass through hot spot.

Trucks join the traffic lines, and, carry heay loads over the mesa top. Drivers see one coming within a long block, or two.

Work speeding up the full crowd traffic in Mira Mesa stays open work. I-805 trips keep the outside lanes on Miramar Road crammed. The slower traffic on the blacktop driving in and out of the La Jolla townhome and shopping locale, and commuting to and from scientific research and finance enterprises on the hill lots, still gets cut off.

Day after day, La Jolla drivers get stuck in traffic. Eastgate Mall runs on two lanes both directions only until the first turn in the road after the Miramar Road corner. Old plans to widen the path to Regents Road, up to the I-805 crossing, stay on standby for the next two to three years.

Thin white lines at the Miramar Road corner stop did not end the work on safe, and speedy, drives. The Miramar Road Widening Project simply revived the travel lines on Mira Mesa's main crossing.

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