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2010 World Equestrian Games come to Lexington, KY

The World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park
The World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park
Greg Rodgers

The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games is the largest event in the equestrian world, considered by many competitors to be more important than even the Olympics - and its coming this fall to Lexington, Ky!

The World Equestrian Games are held every 4 years and for the first time ever will be held in the US at the Kentucky Horse Park just outside of Lexington.  The event has already had a huge impact for Lexington and is expected to bring nearly half a million visitors from all over the world as athletes from 58 countries compete in the championship.

The World Equestrian Games consists of 8 different disciplines that test the skill of riders.  Horse eventing is very exciting to watch and is full of tradition, culture, and action.  If you have never been to an equine event, you can read more about the competition on FEI's website.

Lexington, Ky is known as the "horse capital of the world" and with the population being only around 300,000 residents, the town will be swept up by festivals, visitors, and excitement for the 16 days of the games from September 25 to October 10th.  Alltech, the primary sponsor of the games, will be hosting live music and entertainment nightly for the event during its Alltech Fortnight Festival.

Tickets for the games are already on sale now and hotels all around Lexington have sold out already, prompting many residents to rent out their homes to visitors during the event.  There are no real hostels in Lexington so if you are a budget traveler planning to attend the event, try searching for other travelers to stay with on

If you have been planning to visit Kentucky or the US, there couldn't be a better time with so many world cultures coming to work and play in a relatively small city!  You can buy tickets to the WEG on the Ticketmaster website.

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  • resident 5 years ago

    FYI, hotel rooms all around Lexington are NOT sold out. For up-to-date information, please visit the "Accommodations" section on

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