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2010 Wings Over Atlanta Air Show a huge success

The Navy's Blue Angels were among the premier performers at Dobbins Air Show this past weekend.
The Navy's Blue Angels were among the premier performers at Dobbins Air Show this past weekend.

Dobbins ARB, Marietta Georgia

The skies over Atlanta were filled with aerial acrobatics at this year’s Wings Over Atlanta Airshow, 2010, held at Dobbins ARB in Marietta this past Saturday and Sunday.

With aerial feats performed by noted military flight groups such as the Navy’s own Blue Angels, and the Air Force Academy’s Wings of Blue elite parachute team. International guests, The Canadian Snowbirds were also in attendance, offering thrilling examples of aerial skills and formations.

With two Atlanta area natives, Captain Greg McWherter from Dekalb, and Lt. Commander Frank Weisser a native of Sandy Springs, at the helm of the Blue Angels aerial team, this particular show gave Atlanta residents a home-town touch.

After the 2008 air show became a traffic issue for many visitors, this year’s organizers reached out to area transit providers and lot owners for help. In answer to this need, 127 busses were contracted and used to transport, free of charge, the nearly 200,000 spectators who arrived for the show both Saturday and Sunday.

Parking space was provided by Lockheed Martin, a noted military contractor located on the Dobbins base, as well as Six Flags’ White Water theme park and Jim Miller Park.

Organizers were pleased with the results as crowds gasped and applauded at the many thrilling aerial exercises provided by the experienced pilots and support teams. Other performances by Red Eagle, Dan Buchanan, Gary Rower, Bill Braak and his Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Car, F/A -18 Hornet Demo, Kent Pietsch Jelly Belly, Dobbins C-130 Airdrop, “Otto” The Helicopter (a favorite among children especially), Georgia State Patrol Helo Demo, Viper East F-16 Demo, Sean D. Tucker/Oracle and others provided even more excitement for the day.

Air shows all over the world provide not only a chance to show our military pride, but to offer a chance at removing the mystique of the military base - “Open “House” style -for the many civilians who live near our numerous military bases. This year’s Wings Over Atlanta Air Show was, once again, successful at doing both.



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