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2010 - the look of lav

MOEN New Arbor one-handle high-arc pulldown kitchen faucet in Mediterranean brushed bronze
MOEN New Arbor one-handle high-arc pulldown kitchen faucet in Mediterranean brushed bronze

Simple sculpted spouts and frugal--not frilly--fixtures create an understated look for the modern kitchen and bath. Forget the frumpy faux-gilt designs that never found their way out of the eighties--the new metallic furnishings fit the über-sleek décor of the 2010s like a silk glove. Yet there is a comfortable familiarity in elegant gooseneck spouts, architectural moldings, and oil-rubbed bronze: something of this look has been here before. And that seems to be the beauty of it. Every digital-age design soars toward the future yet calls up a little of what has gone before. A dash of the past is every bit as inviting today as it was when our moms scrubbed their sinks in pearls.

MOEN 90 Degree chrome one-handle low-arc bathroom faucet
Image courtesy of MOEN

But let's face it. Homes today sport charcoal-stained cabinetry and midnight-granite countertops, heavy metal laminates and slate backsplashes, and these sizzling styles require hardworking, multi-function fixtures and furnishings. I found the perfect package in Moen's new 90° collection. With a minimalist design, the suite offers geometric, 90-degree angles engineered to satisfy tech-savvy tastes and sophisticated palates.

In the Kitchen
Square lines and high-arcing spouts partner with ergonomically designed pullout wands and easy-turn swivel joints along with three functions: spray, aerated stream and pause. With the touch of a button, users can switch between several water flow patterns, including aerated spray, stream or the patented pause button to reach areas outside of the sink. I use the pause function to water nearby plants and fill stovetop pots.

In the Bath
Clean, geometric lines and a waterfall presentation make a bold statement and accommodate vessel sinks as well as standard applications. Versatility and ease of use are standard issue for today's bath fixtures, so it seems not too much to ask that their sculpted spouts and restrained handles present an amiably global design well suited to subdued hues and muted palettes.

Even better, each lavatory faucet is certified to meet WaterSense criteria and satisfy the EPA's stringent guidelines as an environmentally responsible and efficient product. The faucets are flow-optimized and allow water to flow at a mere 1.5 gallons per minute, which means that sensational, get your ya-yas on, early-morning splash of oceans of water on your face experience can still be yours and, with Moen's eco-friendly fixtures, you are still saving water.

For more information about the 90° kitchen and bathroom collection from Moen, visit or call 1-800-BUY-MOEN (1-800-289-6636).


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