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2010 Motocross of Nations comes to Thunder Valley

The Red Bull Motocross of Nations, more commonly known as MXoN, is not just a big deal, it is the deal in any racer’s career. More than 30 countries send teams of their 3 best riders in hopes of winning the coveted "Chamberlain Trophy.” Racing for the Chamberlain Trophy is the equivalent of competing for an Olympic Gold Medal and this event is often referred to as the Olympics of Motocross.

Since its inception in 1947, the MXoN has evolved to combine what used to be three different events on three different weekends, into one great, race weekend. The three events include the original Motocross des Nations race on 500cc bikes, the Trophee des Nations, which competes on 250cc bikes, and last but certainly not least, is the Coupe Des Nations racing 125cc bikes. One rider from each team will race in just one class, competing three times.

MXoN comes to Colorado: In its 64 years, MXoN 2010, will only be the third time the US has had the honor of hosting such a momentous event. More importantly, it will be held at Lakewood, Colorado’s very own Thunder Valley motocross track. Located a mere 15 minutes outside metro Denver, this track sits at 6,100 ft, on a mountainside layout and is well-known for its challenge to a rider’s prowess. The track is a fan favorite and has become a respected notoriety on an international level. 2010’s event is slated for September 25th and 26th.