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2010 midterm elections: read the links

Donkey and Elephant
Donkey and Elephant
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So lemme get this straight. The nationwide polls predict a runaway success for the GOP and House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio is on the news already laying out his party’s agenda, ala 1994 Newt Gingrich. Sounds like hubris to this observer. Hubris is the name for the gods’ punishment for man’s overconfidence in the face of a situation that would otherwise call for extreme humility. There’s only one thing we detest this year more than a politician. That’s an arrogant one.

Here in Colorado, the poll gap, if they are to be believed, are already narrowing as voters come to realize that supporting Republicans and Tea Partiers works against their interests, not for them. Elsewhere, however, the polls think the American people are willing to suspend all logic, disbelief and short term memory to bring back the GOP, the party that lied about the war, corrupted itself through the leadership of Tom DeLay with the largesse and power of now jailed super lobbyists like Jack Abramoff, it’s members like Charles Grassley from Iowa and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, negotiating in bad faith, straining to not admit they were just stalling against health insurance reform and called Obama’s strong arming of BP into setting up a $20 billion compensation fund for victims of its gross negligence a “shakedown” and blame Obama for the bailout his predecessor and his advisors initiated. Just go ahead and hand the leverage back to those guys?

Oh, wait. They’re not those guys anymore. They’re the Tea Party. The new grass roots incarnation of self-righteous white nuts seizing on everything from the U. S. Constitution as religion to economic policy already proven not to work and who think cutting taxes in the face of deficits [President Obama already did that for 95% of taxpayers], reducing the size of governments [the Great Recession has already done that with public employee layoffs in every state of the union] and gutting the EPA are the answers to digging us out of the hole they dug for us in the first place. Give me a break…

I’m on the record, folks. Wednesday morning will be a surprise to them. Even with all the mail-in ballots, the closer we get to November 2nd, the greater the swing back to reality. Change is hard. The people are confused and concerned, but not stupid.