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2010 Local Bands to Watch Out For!


It is that time of year again were we must look at all the music that is within our reach and figure out, what bands are the ones that really stand out above the rest; the ones that rise above the everyday masses and leave their mark on your hearts, minds and ear drums. While this list of bands is small this time around rest assured these artists mentioned are going to be the rising stars of 2010. 

Break Out Artists of 2010:

Kelsey and The Chaos

Kelsey and The Chaos, hailing from NYC is a girl fronted band that serves up kick ass vocals over some awesome pop/punk instrumentals. This band has already been featured in 2009 AP's magazine 100 Bands You Need To Know as well as just recently getting signed to Tragic Hero Records to release their album Shut Up and Deal with hit songs on there like "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "Life Goes On". You can find this band on almost all of the Wrapped Tour dates including the the Long Island one in Uniondale on July 17th. To learn more about Kelsey and The Chaos check out this link: Kelsey and The Chaos Music Has Us Wrapped Around Their Finger!

Forge The Alliance

Forge The Alliance, coming out Long Island has the potential to be great. They made this list because of their ability to try to redefine the sound of metal in an attempt to make it more modern as well as their DIY approach (seems to be catching with a lot of bands as well as it should, for a multitude of reasons).

This band's anticipated EP has their fans eagerly waiting to listen to the loud screams of a guitars and vocals. Check out the EP review from a month back by clicking this link: Metal Music is Still Hanging On...


This band may look young but their pop sound packs one hell of a punch! Meadowland (formerly known as Jersey Kidz) have done so much at a young age that people twice their age are either just starting to do it now or wishing they could.

This band, located in the NJ area, are the youngest band to have ever played at The Bamboozle Music Festival, they toured last summer on Campilifed which is music tour directed at kid camps and currently just played at Popcon, a pop music concert featuring hit artists like Justin Bieber. How they find time for their rockstar life and school is truly amazing! Check them out at MySpace

Lisa Brigantino

Lisa Brigantino a singer/songwriter in the NYC area has really done it all. She is a well rounded artist vocally as well as instrumentally playing electric and acoustic guitar, bass, organ, mandolin and the list goes on. Lisa has a wide range of experience that she has gathered from being both a solo artist and a former founding member of Lez Zeppelin, the all girl Led Zeppelin tribute band. 

Her next solo album album Wonder Wheel is set to be released in the coming months, with many tour dates booked in the future in order to promote the album. To learn more about Lisa Brigantino check out her MySpace page as well as check back in the coming weeks for the review of her album and our one on one conversation with her.

More Break Out Artists of 2010:

Lansdowne: MySpace

Red Light Cinema: MySpace

Make sure to check back in the coming week for the review of their debut album & interview!!

Life Between Sleep: MySpace

Check out this previous article about them: Life Between Sleep

Push Play: MySpace

Lady Pantomime: MySpace


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