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2010 friends of Wisconsin towns announced

Beulah Bay Photography

Eight state legislators were named "2010 Friends of Towns" by the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) Board of Directors for their outstanding leadership and support in the 2009-2010 Legislative Session. 

WTA Executive Director Richard J. Stadelman announced the following legislators as town friends:

State Senator Pat Kreitlow
State Senator Jim Holperin
State Senator Alan J. Lasee
State Representative Jeff Smith
State Representative Andy Jorgensen
State Representative Gary Bies
State Representative Scott Gunderson
State Representative Mary Hubler

Senator Kreitlow and Rep. Smith were lead authors along with other co-signers including, Rep. Jorgensen, Hubler, Bies, and Gunderson of 2009 Assembly Bill 260. The bill became law as 2009 Wis. Act 399. This new law limits city and village extraterritorial platting power by prohibiting the city or village denial of a plat in the extraterritorial area of a town on the basis of land use unless the city or village has an extraterritorial zoning agreement with the town.

Senator Holperin and Rep. Jorgensen were lead authors along with other co-signers including, Senator Lasee and Rep. Bies, and Gunderson of 2009 Senate Bill 172. This bill signed into law is now 2009 Wis. Act 366. This law requires that unanimous direct annexations by cities and villages must be contiguous to the city or village.

Stadelman announced in a WTA press release, “Both of these bills as enacted were important issues on the Wisconsin Towns Association legislative agenda. These were the first bills in years enacted to, in part, level the playing field between towns and villages or cities on boundary issues. The leadership of these state legislators to pass both bills on bi-partisan votes benefits all towns in their districts and in the state.  Our Association thanks these legislators for their outstanding work in this past session and thanks all other legislators who voted for passage of these bills.”

Stadelman also stated, “State Senator Alan J. Lasee and State Representative Mary Hubler are recognized in addition to their support in this most recent session for their longstanding support of town issues over past years throughout their legislative service. Senator Lasee has been a champion of town issues in both the State Assembly and State Senate for his 36 years of legislative service. Rep. Hubler showed leadership in supporting rural Wisconsin and town issues in her 26 years in the State Assembly.  Both Senator Lasee and Rep. Hubler will be missed by towns in future legislative sessions. Wisconsin Towns Association wholeheartedly thanks them for their years of public service and wishes them well in the future.”


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