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2009 year summary - part 2 - touching moments

True love on interstate.
True love on interstate.
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Part 2 of our year end summary.  These are a few unique and special moments that we experienced last year.

1. Boy meets girl.   For all of our wedding video packages, we include a segment where we’ll ask the best man to ask the groom a few questions about how he met his fiancée, what their first date was like, and how did he know she was the one. It really gets the conversations going between the others in the room. We’ve heard some wild ways that couples meet. One couple met online. They were on opposite sides of the US. He in Georgia; her in California. They fell in love and decided to marry in live in Georgia. There was another couple that met through friends and at first, really didn’t like each other. She said “he was too short” and he complained that she was too “quiet”. It seems they were a good fit after all. Three years later I’m producing their wedding DVD and photos. Now one of my favorites is the couple that met on interstate. He was a Georgia state patrolman. She was a speeding motorist. While on interstate 75 one day (in the middle Georgia area), he pulled her over for driving a little too fast. He only gave her a warning. While not love at first sight, they did meet again a few weeks later at an elementary school function. As luck would have it, they each had children attending the same middle school. And there “the spark” ignited.

2. Special wedding moments   I love to produce videos and photos of different types of weddings either it be from different religions or backgrounds. This particular wedding was very casual, definitely not pretentious. It was a pretty outside morning wedding. However I was surprised to see this one. The groom walked down the aisle nicely attired with his pale yellow shirt, dress pants and bare feet. Yes, he felt it would WingersMedia.commean more to him to be natural in his bare feet. He had shoes but that was for the reception. He did do a lot of dancing during the reception and wearing shoes on a crowded dance floor just made sense. He was a laid back kind of guy.  She was more of a conservative that definitely loved his wild crazy side. In another couple’s reception, there was a sweet moment between the groom and his mother. It was the third dance of the evening preceded by the bride’s dance with her father. Both mother and son had a great sense of humor. She had decided to do something a little special for her son during their mother-son dance. She knew her son would get emotional so to lighten things up she had the DJ play a fun song about halfway into their dance. Most of the time the mother and son dance to a very sweet song with lyrics about how much he loves his mom. I’ve seen so many grooms and their mothers get a little emotional during their dance. And in this situation she he knew her son well. He wiped a few tears away as he slow danced with her. About halfway through the song the music stopped and the DJ began to play a faster song, one of her favorites from the ‘80’s. She starts doing this “robot” dance and the groom began laughing along with the entire roomful of guests. What a great mom. You could see how close they were. It was a really touching and funny moment.

There’s always that fun time during the reception where the DJ has the groomsmen put on the different outfits and sing YMCA. You know the attire: the cop outfit, the Indian, the construction worker and such. If the guy is embarrassed about his dancing, he won’t be any more with all his buddies dressed up like that. It’s fun for them and it looks great on video. You can see them having a great time. And sometimes the guys need a little extra push to get out on the dance floor.

Last spring we had a wedding ceremony where the bride’s father was also the minister. The bride was choked up and at first could hardly speak her vows. The words were so touching.  From the start, her father was emotional as well.  Seeing his only daughter getting married to the man she loves. It was so heartwarming. I could see it moved their guests too. That’s a sight I don’t see a lot of… men showing their emotions. But when they do, it really moves everyone. Another heartwarmer, the groom’s father (also the best man) got choked up during our pre-ceremony interview with them. We ask the father to give his son a few words of advice. Now when we do this with the bride and her mom, it’s so sweet and usually invokes a few tears between mother and daughter. Now when the father gets choked up, it’s tough for me as a videographer to see something so sweet and not be moved by it. Their special moments, preserved on DVD forever, that’s the best part. A special moment for the family to cherish for years to come even the kids and grandkids will get to experience some of the joy.


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