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2009 was a good year...

2009 was a good year...


I have rarely made a resolution for the New Year and this time is no different. I live my life each day with no regrets of the past and eternal hope for the future. When we turn the calendar page, it is just another day…

I hear so many people ready to kick 2009 to the curb and I might be tempted to jump on the bandwagon as they have many reasons to feel this way.

Millions of Americans lost their jobs and homes and are witnessing the patriotism of our nation decompose. The threat of nuclear war became real, the sanctity of marriage was trampled and a comedian was voted into the Senate. Just before the year ends, more of our rights are being taken away with national healthcare being voted in. It is enough to make most Americans want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but hold on…

Sure we could look back and claim it as one of the worst years ever, and searching online for ‘the best of 2009’ is slim pickings. Dare I ask…when did we become so cynical? I look back and see an amazing year, despite what the world might want you to believe.

2009 was a year more people fell to their knees, when there seemed to be no way out… they looked up. It was the year many Americans realized they are not defined by what they do or what they own. People came to the aid of their neighbors and friend. Families pulled in tighter, cherishing precious moments with new eyes. It was the year of the comeback kid. Losing jobs and homes invigorated this generation to pull up their bootstraps and fight back. 2009 saw the rebirth of the patriot and the emergent of the voice of the people through social networking.

Even the news media seems to find it hard to look at 2009 with rose colored glasses, but I believe in the finding the silver lining in all things. It was the year we crossed a racial barrier and marked history in America, inaugurating its first black president.

2009 was the year of Susan Boyle, Carrie Prejean and the birth of Smart Phones. Heroes Capt Sully and Capt Phillips saved many lives. Facebook and Twitter and Skype brought together millions of old friends and long lost family. NASA found water on the moon and Ford said no to the bailout, which may have proved to be the best move of the year.

Personally, I look back and see my life filled with more people I cherish than ever before. Our home was filled to overflowing on many occasions all year long, brought an abundance of love and laughter with friends and family. We were blessed beyond measure in 2009, by the thoughtfulness and kindness of people we didn’t even know. Then there was the rekindling of friendships from 30 years ago. I even and met a sister, I never knew I had… it all happened in 2009.

I have watched my daughter flourish into a young lady and be blessed in all areas of her life, musically, athletically and spiritually. I have been able to proudly watch my son succeed with his career and celebrate the first year of marriage to his wife. I’ve walked hand in hand through the toughest of times with my husband, never allowing him to give in or give up, only to witness the glory of his full reliance of God.

For our family…it was a good year.

I kept my eyes focused through the lens of Him who created me, and not from the view of the world. Sure we had to overcome a lot this year, but to look back with regret or disdain would only be slapping God in the face for all he did for all of us in 2009.

I guess it is all just a matter of perspective...

SIDENOTE: God's timing is interesting...within an hour of writing this post, my husband came home and shared the news...he was fired! Wow...has my opinion changed? Not one bit...if anything, it has just become stronger!


  • Jackie O. 5 years ago

    Melody's reflection on 2009 is touching and so many readers will certainly be able to relate to her life events and observations.

  • Cathy Fay 5 years ago

    Inpirational, deep article. Thank You