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2009 review in political nonsense


Can we last until 2012?
2009 Review in Politic Nonsense
This is a 4-part series because political nonsense was RAMPANT in 2009! The following is part 1:
David Letterman, who slandered Sarah Palin multiple times throughout the year, is known for his “Top 10 lists” on his boring, mundane show. In the spirit of that list making, yet keeping much higher standards than CBS’s debaucherous philanderer, I present you with a dozen moments of Political Nonsense of 2009:  
12. Members of the British Parliament are legitimately allowed to recoup some of the expense of living away from home so that they can be near Westminster. But when details of what they were claiming were leaked to London's Daily Telegraph, the outrage hit fever pitch. Among the expensed items: moat-cleaning ($3,000), hedgerow-trimming ($930), toilet-seat fixing ($320), garden improvement ($2,000) and dog food ($5.64). The abuse proved to be widespread and bipartisan; both the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition were forced to apologize, and dozens of politicians resigned or announced.
11. Nevada Senator John Ensign was a social conservative, a member of the Promise Keepers Evangelical ministry, a vocal critic of both Larry Craig's and Bill Clinton's sexual indiscretions and the employer of Cynthia and Doug Hampton. Each of these things made his June 16 admission that he had an eight-month affair with Cynthia, Doug's wife, more awkward. Reports suggested he was prompted to admit to the affair, which had ended 10 months earlier, after blackmail threats from Mr. Hampton, which he denies. Ensign acknowledged that in 2008, his wealthy parents had paid Cynthia $96,000 "as a gift." Although he resigned his position as chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee within days of his initial admission, Ensign has, like Clinton, remained in office. Conservatives need more leadership, not more David Lettermans.
10. Obama’s Acorn Scandal! - Barack Obama got his start in being a community agitator with the group called “Acorn.” In recently televised example after example, some Acorn employees have been caught apparently breaking the law. CNN Report on Obama’s Acorn group: “Two employees at the Baltimore, Maryland, branch of the liberal community organizing group ACORN were caught on tape allegedly offering advice to a pair posing as a pimp and prostitute on setting up a prostitution ring and evading the IRS. Thanks to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles who secretly filmed employees of the “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) while posing as a pimp and a prostitute to get the true story.
9. “I’ll Close Guantanamo in my First Year” – Obama used White House Counsel Greg Craig as the fall guy for this mistake. In the rush to close Guantanamo, Obama is simply releasing some terrorists back to the countries they came from. Others are in “Rehab” in Saudi Arabia where the country says it “lost” 20 of them! He’s trying to bring still others to Illinois. Even Senate Democrat Harry Reid told the president that he doesn’t want the terrorists on U.S. soil!

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  • James 5 years ago

    First of all...Letterman openly addressed and explained his "issues." The details found him to NOT be at fault, just in a consenting relationship as a boss. Still a bad call, but not anywhere near your wrath.
    Second: In your Obama slander, you left out quite a few ethics issues from Republicans. WAY too many to mention unless you want me to!
    ACORN: He used to work with him at one point, but is no longer with them. You used to only speak French, but now know English too. People change during their lives...
    Guantanamo would have been closed by now if it wasn't for fear-mongers stopping the president for completing that task and an incredible lack of bipartisanship.
    In my humble opinion, if we don't start working together, we are in trouble. Long before 2012!!

  • Paul 5 years ago


    Either you are the most naive human being to comment here, or you are totally blind to facts, or (and this is the real truth), you have no moral absolutes. Letterman is an adulterer..not a consenting boss...I am CEO of a corporation, if I did what he did, jerks like you would have me pilloried for abusing my position of authority. Letterman doesn't get a pass because he agrees with your political worldview.
    As to Obama and Acorn...YOUR president is straight out of Saul Alinski...and you don'[t even know who he is or what he espoused...And as to your threat to bring out the Republican scandals, do you really think that justifies shoddy ethics from the democat partay? If so, then you are more naive that I had imagined. When wrong is done, it knows no party or political persuasion. I want no snake leading this nation, if that means we clean house an start over...I'm for that, but PLEASE don't give me any more comparison s...!!

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Paul...nice job. How Republican of you to slam someone expressing their opinion and not the information provided in the article. OUR president, unless you are not a U.S. citizen, has clearly expressed who he is and what he espouses.
    Then again, I know how to spell "party, " so I have some idea as to your lack of education anyway.
    Finally...that Letterman thing hit a little too close to home? Sounds to me like someone's got some explaining to do...

  • Sara 5 years ago

    They should all learn to keep it in their pants! What happened to gentlemen? That's what real ladies still want. That acorn thing should not have been on television. It seemed like an advertisement for prostitution! I was taken aback!