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2009 Monopoly World Championships: An upcoming event


Photo Credit: Hasbro/Parker Brothers

Admittedly, you never need an excuse to head to Las Vegas for the weekend, right? It makes the perfect weekend away from Los Angeles with a plethora of (usually) cheap flights or a three-hour drive to the strip. But, here’s one more reason: The Monopoly World Championships!

Monopoly, the favorite family game for the past seventy-plus years has become the world’s latest tournament sensation. National competitions span across the globe and they culminate in the Monopoly World Championships – which will be in Sin City, held at Caesar’s Palace October 20 – 22.

Sounds like a good weekend, right: Gambling, fantastic food, unique shows and the hoopla of the Monopoly World Championships. Best of all, the winner collects $20,000 – and no, not in Monopoly money.