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$2000 reward offered for information on dumped bait dogs in MI

This slide show contains GRAPHIC images.  Proceed with caution.
This slide show contains GRAPHIC images. Proceed with caution.
Becky Chatelain


Justice for all victims of dog fighting

This article contains graphic photos of two dumped dead dogs. Please view the attached slide show with caution.

According to this craiglist post, information is being sought on the identities of the people responsible for fighting, killing, and dumping the dead bodies of these two dogs on the side of McMillan Rd in Muskegon.

If you have ANY information in regards to this, IMMEDIATELY call 911 and the Muskegon Police Department at (231)724-6750, or you may also contact Jessica S, an expert animal cruelty investigator. Her contact info is also in the craigslist ad.

It is a known fact that dog fighters troll craigslist and similar sites searching for free animals to use for bait and they can be very convincing when telling you how well they'll care for your pet. Please, don't post free dogs on these sites. Please, ask for references, including a vet reference, and ask a rehoming fee when trying to rehome your animal. Someone who has good intentions for your pet will not mind giving out this info and they won't mind paying a fee. Also, don't leave your dog tied out. Besides the fact that it's freezing outside and inhumane to leave them outside, dog fighters think nothing of stealing dogs.

It is now a federal crime to participate, run, or attend in a dog fight. Let's bring these predators to justice !

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