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20 years in the Slammer Ohio Man Set Free From Jail – Murder Charges Dropped

DNA evidence frees Dewey Jones after spending 20 yearsin prison on murder charge
photo credit - Daily Mail

After 20 years in the big house an Ohio man was set free from jail Thursday when all murder charges were dropped against him, reported Fox News. Justice may have come two decades too late for Dewey Jones as he finally was able to taste the air of freedom when he walked out of prison with his friends and well wishers greeting the former inmate.

The Ohio man maintained his innocence all the time he had been incarcerated for the 1993 murder which resulted from a robbery and subsequent murder of 71-year-old Neal Rankin.

It appears that there was a ray of truth to 51 year-old Jones’ claims of innocence, because new DNA test findings last year clearly did not tie the convicted man to the scene of the crime. This was enough for Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands in Akron to spring Jones from prison and dismissed all charges against him according to Fox News.

The new DNA evidence moved the prosecutors to have the charges dismissed against Dewy Jones. The other consideration they considered was having to try another case when the evidence was too degraded and the witnesses had all died, reported Fox News.

It appears that the truth in the form of DNA evidence can result in freeing an innocent man, even if it took 20 long years to do it.

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