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20-year old male sexually assaults 12-year old female via Facebook

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Seth Schell, 20 of Hillsboro, has been arrested on charged of alleged rape of a 12-year old female he made contact with through Facebook. Charges were brought after the victim reported the crime to her School Resource 'police' Officer (SRO) which led to an investigation of Schell's social media networking profiles. St. Louis County Police do not suspect any other victims exist at this time, however; if you or someone you know; especially a minor, who has had direct contact with Schell through Facebook, Twitter, Instigram, etc., and believe that there could have been a potential sexual encounter with him, please contact Sgt. Colby Dolly of the St. Louis County Police Department at 314-889-2341. Schell has been charged with 1-count of 1st Degree Statutory Rape and 2-counts of Statutory Sodomy.

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