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20 Things To Do When You Have Cabin Fever

how to build a cabin fever activity tote
how to build a cabin fever activity tote
Megan Davis

Cabin Fever refers to a condition that someone faces when they are isolated or shut indoors for an extended period of time, with nothing to do. It affects a great number of persons every year, especially in the Winter months. Not only is Sundowners an issue when the days are shorter and darkness seems to last forever, but in addition, things like Holiday Blues or Winter storms that force people indoors can bring on Cabin Fever.

When watching TV, reading books and eating become hum drum, people may become restless and agitated. Kids will begin to strike nerves and the 4 walls may seem to close in on you. But cabin fever doesn’t have to ail you, you can beat it with these great activities.

  1. Journaling. Document a new phase in your life or reflect on your experiences.
  2. Take an online class for free like Spanish or art.
  3. Pick up an old hobby like sewing or jewelry making.
  4. Sort family photos, organize them and turn them into a scrapbook
  5. Try a new recipe like Caribbean Jerk Chicken or Fried Ice Cream
  6. Cook for the week in your crock pot or oven. (ie. soups, chili and casseroles)
  7. Work on shelved projects like painting a room, mending curtains, etc.
  8. Make it a family game night, break out Just Dance or Mad Gab
  9. Bring the snow in and make mini sculptures with the kids. Take pics before they melt
  10. Sort through old clothes and toys. Throw away that which can’t be used or recylced and donate the rest.
  11. Turn old photos into a slide show. Make copies and mail to family and friends
  12. bake cookies for a local nursing home or shelter
  13. let the kids camp out downstairs or in the den/livingroom.Make your bedroom a retreat
  14. Play dress up with the kids or for yourself. Put on make up, do your hair and make a selfie collage
  15. Let the sunlight in. Open dark curtains and let the sun brighten your day
  16. Plan ahead. Create a dinner menu for the month or set much needed appointments or even plan a trip.
  17. Gather all your coins and start a coin bank
  18. Write letters to loved ones or call them and see how they are doing.
  19. Rearrange a room. Spruce up your living room or bedroom and the relax in it
  20. Rest if you need it. Being on the go all the time will return soon enough

Here’s a special note: If you are a person who tends to be down a little more during the Winter, try establishing a Winter Wonder Box. All through the year, gather up items and activities that you can place in a bin or tote, to be used to stormy weather, or other extended periods of time where you may be ill or shut in. This box can include anything from puzzles to paint to craft items and books you’ve been wanting to read or movies you want to see.

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