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20 songs about snow and ice

From the Nick Cave album No More Shall We Part.
From the Nick Cave album No More Shall We Part.
Reprise Records

They seem innocent enough, little white snowflakes falling from the sky to be caught on your tongue or made into snowmen. However, too much of the powdery stuff can cause major problems, especially in cities where freezing temperatures are a rare occurrence. The presence of ice makes matters even worse. Combine that with drivers unaccustomed to winter conditions and your best course of action is to stay indoors with a roaring fireplace, a hot beverage and some good tunes about the cold weather.

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20 songs about snow and ice

  1. White Stripes - In The Cold Cold Night
  2. Doors - Wintertime Love
  3. My Bloody Valentine - Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
  4. Tori Amos - Icicle
  5. Nick Cave and the Bad Sees - Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
  6. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band -Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
  7. XTC- Snowman
  8. Devo - Snowball
  9. Concrete Blonde - Cold Part Of Town
  10. Sisters Of Mercy - Driven Like The Snow
  11. Aztec Camera -Walk Out To Winter
  12. Sarah McLachlan - Ice
  13. Superchunk - Silverleaf and Snowy Tears
  14. Curve - Frozen
  15. Frank Zappa - Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
  16. Fountains of Wayne - Valley Winter Song
  17. Marvin Gaye - Purple Snowflakes
  18. Elvis Costello - I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came
  19. Kate Bush - Under Ice
  20. Stars - What The Snowman Learned About Love


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