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20 quick reasons for and against the existence of God

Does God Exist?
Does God Exist?

A YouTube video offered twenty quick reasons why there is no God. This article lists them as well as the rebuttal from this author’s perspective.

  1. There is no evidence that God exists.

That is to say none that meets the criteria of the Scientific Method.

  1. Not only doesn’t God stop evil in the world, the Bible says He committed plenty of it.

The reason we are on the earth is to learn to make loving choices and to confine our poor choices to this one location. We will continually reincarnate on the earth until we again learn to play well with others. Until then, no permanent damage is done to our invulnerable and eternal soul(s).

  1. Drowning nearly everything alive is not a sign of love.

The Great Flood was not God’s choice, it was Humankind reaping the consequences of what had been sown. And still, no permanent damage was done to any of the souls involved in that catastrophe. Again, reincarnation works to give us all as many chances as we need to make better choices.

  1. The opening lines of the Bible are factually wrong. Why should we believe the rest of it?

The Biblical authors were translating what they received from God. A huge limitation was that they had no ability to understand or explain the "science" involved. That is still true to this day, albeit we know more now than we did back then. As a metaphor, the Bible’s creation story worked well enough to answer the question considering the basic understanding humankind had at the time.

  1. Prayer has never fixed anything. If prayer really works, why won’t God heal amputees?

This author has been instantly healed and has seen many others experience an instant healing of their own. Why amputees are not restored is analogous to why certain criminals don’t seem able to rehabilitate. At a certain point of decline, reincarnation is the better way to start over. Can an amputee be healed? Of course! If everything manifest starts with an idea, then we can think/create the cure.

  1. There are thousands of Gods you don’t believe in. What makes yours any different?

This author believes every God cited as a deity can be thought of in much the same way as all roads leading to Rome. All religions are ultimately speaking of the One God. The different descriptions of God are the result of our unique perspectives and free will.

  1. Where you are born basically determines what you believe. Why should the truth be based on geography?

With reincarnation, before we enter the earth we actually choose our parents/family/talents/circumstances/challenges/etc. Those choices are based on what would help us to grow more spiritually as we learn to play well with others. That one location on earth (and all the rest that comes with being born there) is ideal for our next steps on the path should not surprise anyone.

  1. Who created God? And how does your answer to that make any sense?

God is pure consciousness and He is the only thing that is eternal (has always been and will always be). That we are made in His likeness and of His essence is why we too are eternal.

  1. If there is a loving God, then why is their pediatric cancer!

Reincarnation along with karma answers many of these questions. It is also possible that an innocent soul chooses to come in as an afflicted child to be a role model for how others can deal with their own challenges.

  1. Unconditional love shouldn’t come with a list of conditions.

God’s love for us doesn’t have conditions. Any conditions traditional Christianity has set for God’s unconditional love are a human invention.

  1. Every single supposed miracle gets debunked eventually.

That last word, “eventually,” makes this a surprising argument against the existence of God. It is the same kind of logic that most Atheists complain about when used by a traditional Christian.

  1. Somehow the 10 Commandments left off “Don’t rape people.” and “Slavery is not okay.”

Jesus was a fan of the 10 Commandments, but He gave as the Great Commandment: “We should love God with all our heart, mind and soul; and we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves.” Slavery and rape are not a part of loving each other.

  1. The movies and music that honor God are just awful. (given in jest)

I would largely agree, except for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

  1. The invisible and non-existent look very much alike.

And this proves…what? If a fish is resting in perfectly still water, the life-giving water is invisible. If the same fish was resting in non-existent water, the difference would become noticeable immediately, especially to the fish.

  1. No hide and seek game lasts this long.

The video’s spokesperson is playing the wrong game. As Jesus said, seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be given unto you. Once we learn to live according to the Great Commandment we will be led intuitively and even scientifically to the answers we seek. It is also in this way that we connect with God.

  1. Science explains so much of what we used to attribute to a God.

And this somehow invalidates God as the First Cause…How? The implication here is that God does not follow His own laws. That is simply not true. Even miracles have scientific explanations using principles we don’t as yet understand.

  1. The more we learn, the less reason we have to believe in God.

This is a confusing statement to most Theists. The more we learn, the more we know about God. Again, the video's spokesperson shows a lack of Theistic understanding in the connection (or lack of it) we have with our Creator.

  1. If you tried to explain your religion to someone who had never heard it before, you would sound crazy. (i.e. communion wafers are the actual body of Christ)

The video spokesperson picked a good example in the Catholic church’s communion, but this author doesn’t find that claim to be true, even to those who are not familiar with a God of unconditional love and reincarnation.

  1. If God didn’t exist, the world would look exactly the same way it does now.

To a Theist, if God didn’t exist, nothing would exist. The video’s spokesperson is apparently making this video for himself (and those who think like him) rather than reaching out to those who remain undecided about the existence of God.

  1. If God exists, the Atheist announcer invites Him to smite him right now…(nothing happens).

God takes no offense at a soul’s lack of belief. God knows we are all doing the best we can under the circumstances using what we have at hand.

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