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20 Photos of the hottest NFL cheerleaders entertaining American troops

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The NFL has always been a big supporter of United States military personnel around the world. The NFL tries to make sure that American service members can watch and hear NFL games no matter where in the world they are stationed.

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The NFL's support of American troops also extends to the cheerleaders in the NFL. Cheerleaders from many NFL teams have traveled all over the world to entertain American troops.

The following is a slideshow of 20 photos of the hottest NFL cheerleaders entertaining American servicemen around the world. All the cheerleaders in the photos are entertaining American troops.

Here is a quick is a list of some of the NFL cheerleader squads that have traveled around the world to entertain American troops and are in the photos in the slideshow. Hope you enjoy the photos in the slideshow.

20 Photos of the hottest NFL cheerleaders entertaining American troops

  • Oakland Raiders Raiderettes cheerleaders

The Raiderettes cheerleaders, often billed as "Football's Fabulous Females", have traveled to places like Iraq and Japan to entertain American troops.

  • Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

The red hot Miami Dolphins cheerleaders have recently traveled to Kuwait, Diego Garcia, Singapore, and Guam to entertain U.S. troops abroad.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR cheerleaders

The Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR cheerleaders have a long history of traveling overseas to entertain American troops. ROAR cheerleader Melanie McAlister and Jags mascot Jaxson de Ville (Curtis Dvorak) met on a trip to the middle east, and the couple are now married.

  • Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

The super hot Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have entertained U.S. troops recently in places like Japan, Honduras, and Iraq.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders

The Tampa Bay Bucaneers, arguably the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL in 2013, have traveled to Guam, Japan, South Korea, and London in recent times to support U.S. military personnel.

  • Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, a beautiful group of women, have traveled to Iraq, Sarajevo, Kuwait, and Kosovo to entertain American troops in recent years.

  • Washington Redskins cheerleaders

The red hot Washington Redskins cheerleaders have made 44 trips overseas to entertain and support American troops.

  • St. Louis Rams cheerleaders

The very hot St. Louis Rams cheerleaders have recently traveled to places like Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Korea to support and entertain American troops.

  • New York Jets Flight Crew cheerleaders

Though the New York Jets Flight Crew has only been around for a few years, members of the Jets Flight Crew have traveled locally and abroad to entertain American troops.

  • New England Patriots cheerleaders

As befits their name, the New England Patriots cheerleaders have often traveled overseas to entertain American troops abroad.



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