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20 percent of Floridians want Wohlsifer or are unsure of Bondi or Sheldon

In a poll released yesterday, April 8, 2014, by Voter Service Survey commissioned by Sunshine State News found that 20% of Floridians are unsure if they want to vote for Attorney General candidates Pam Bondi or George Sheldon, and some are pledging their votes to another candidate, apparently Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer.

Florida Attorney General candidate Bill Wohlsifer purposefully excluded from recent poll.

The normally inclusive Sunshine State News purposely left Wohlsifer's name out of the survey for an unexplained reason, choosing to focus on Republican Bondi and Democrat Sheldon. 20 percent of the 800 Floridians polled responded that they were either undecided or are going to vote for, as it was stated in the poll, "other candidate." Another interesting result of the poll found 32% of those undecided were described as independent voters.

Republican Bondi continues her lead in the race with 44% of the overall respondents saying they would vote for her as opposed to either of the two Democratic candidates.

Earlier this year, Wohlsifer, along with Libertarian Party of Florida Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie, publicly commented on their exclusion from the media and polling. In January, Wohlsifer said, "So, when you read the coverage of Florida’s gubernatorial and attorney candidates, and sitting House and Senate leaders that will be published during and after the upcoming legislative session please remember that the coverage is the result of a planning strategy set to occur on January 29, 2014, at your Capitol Building. The purposeful exclusion of fair and balanced news coverage that you will encounter in the Spring of 2014 will not be occur then, it is occurring tomorrow."

Through the general media, Floridians are fed only the names of candidates chosen by the general media. For example, in the 2012 general election there were 12 candidates printed on the Florida ballot running for President of the United States, however ten of them were virtually unknown because the general media only told Floridians about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Did it mean the other ten candidates were unqualified? No, having their name printed on the ballot showed they had qualified. In the video with this article, 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson speaks about money in politics as well as his exclusion from the media.

Last year, 2014 gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie garnered 9% in a poll for his budding candidacy, however since then, he has been purposefully excluded from future polls. Libertarians are suggesting there is a fear to breaking the established Democratic Party vs. Republican Party model. However this is hard to comprehend, because including Libertarian Party candidates like Wohlsifer and Wyllie in news coverage would seem to increase their ratings and readership.

It continues to confound Libertarians as to why the general media refuses to include Libertarian Party candidates in their news stories or include their name in polling. Whatever the reason, Libertarian Party candidates continue to move forward in their quest to be elected to something better than non-partisan local offices. They are confident that as America continues to embrace libertarian ideals, their election results will continue to grow - with or without the help of the general media.

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