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20 more ways to get involved in your community

Despite a common misconception, homeschoolers don't actually have to stay at home all day. There are plenty of ways to get out and get involved in your community. You'll meet new people, have new experiences and help others.

Fitness, art and other activities offer countless ways for homeschoolers to get involved in their communities.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

This series started with "35 ways to get involved in your community." In case you're looking for even more ideas, here are 20 more ways for students to get plugged in with the people and places around them.

For those in the Peoria, Ill. area, follow the links to learn about organizations that offer these programs and services.

  1. Take part in a book club.
  2. Invite interesting guests to your house for dinner.
  3. Join a swim team.
  4. Hold play dates.
  5. Enroll in a driver's education class.
  6. Attend an exercise class.
  7. Take part in a youth shooting program.
  8. Play intramural sports through a community organization.
  9. Sign up for a cooking class.
  10. Take tours of community businesses. Invite other homeschoolers to join you.
  11. Participate in a 4-H group.
  12. Take horseback riding lessons.
  13. Tend a community garden.
  14. Join an astronomy club.
  15. Spend time in the childcare program at your local gym or fitness center.
  16. Talk to a local public or private school about whether you can take some classes, such as band or art, there.
  17. Go on a mission trip with a local church group.
  18. Take a summer Young Rembrandts class.
  19. Become a library volunteer.
  20. Get involved at the Boys and Girls Club.

Homeschool families, what keeps you busy? Share your ideas for community involvement below.

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