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20 job search tips

don't go there
don't go there

20 tips guaranteed to annoy potential employers and cost you the job offer

1. Apply for jobs you are not qualified for
2. Send a generic cover letter that doesn't identify the position you're interested in, or that matches your qualifications to the position
3. Put a useless, seen-it-a-million-times Objective on your resume that says you want a "challenging opportunity with a forward-looking company where I can utilize my background, experience and skills to our mutual advantage"
4. Make your resume a list of past duties and responsibilities from your last job instead of accomplishments or quantify how you will contribute to your next employer
5. Lie, brag or exaggerate about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
6. Keep making repetitive "I’m still here" calls to ask if your resume was received
7. Fail to respond quickly to messages left on your answering machine or email
8. Expect them to schedule your phone-screening interview after normal business hours or at your convenience
9. Refuse to give your salary requirements when requested prior to the interview
10. Fail to research the company and be able to discuss prior to the interview
11. Arrive at the interview dressed inappropriately and be sure you’re late
12. Be rude to the receptionist
13. Put "See attached resume" instead of filling out the application completely
14. Be unprepared and have no idea what questions you will be asked during the interview
15. Ask "What's in it for ME?" type questions at the interview
16. Fail to send a hand written thank-you note after the interview
17. Call to ask about the status of the position days before you were told they'd make a decision
18. Wear lots and lots of cologne or perfume
19. Use slang and “street talk” every time you answer a question
20. Last but not least – have a weak handshake, don’t make eye contact and pay no attention to body language. Follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry about that pesky job search again!  Subscribe to receive the latest article from terry or chat live: click here


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