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20 important findings engineers expose about adult fitness and exercise science

One of these discoveries shows how Motion Resistance moving across a frame or skeleton can put immense strain on only muscles or supports, as force loaded directly on the frame or skeleton works it's parts immensely harder than the supports or muscles.
One of these discoveries shows how Motion Resistance moving across a frame or skeleton can put immense strain on only muscles or supports, as force loaded directly on the frame or skeleton works it's parts immensely harder than the supports or muscles.
Craig Wise

Today (March, 24, 2014) the not for-profit Adult Exercise Efficiency Project released the first part of their latest findings report, detailing five of the twenty most important findings that engineering sciences have revealed about the exercise methods that today's fitness and exercise sciences primarily teach adults, exclusively to Examiner News.

This project appears to be the first study of adult exercise methods, using engineering sciences to trace the paths and interactions of the forces of any exercise method, through the human body. They simply adapted the research science that architectural engineers use to trace destructive forces through the blueprints of planned buildings.

By being the first to study methods with physically calculable science, they claim it has exposed hundreds of (measurable) new facts about the effectiveness of any exercise method. They feel that about twenty of these are vitally important to improve adult fitness and the future of exercise science in general.

However, detailing twenty discoveries in one report is more like publishing a book, so they have split this into four releases, each detailing five findings, this being the first.

These findings are not listed in order of importance, as that would be mostly their opinions right now. Beside the last sentence, every one beyond this are from today's report:

1. Virtually every stout exercise ever used does not directly work anyone's muscles, they physically force joints and spinal disks to work (exercise, fight) against muscle contractions.

Force Mapping proves in countless ways that the ability to build powerful muscles has always been 100% dependent on having powerful joints and spinal disks to oppose their contractions.

This is because stout exercises have always worked by either smashing (most common) or stretching the skeleton, causing already stressed joints and disks to become much harder for targeted muscles to move.

Virtually every stout exercise method used, still forces our joints and spinal disks to be the real workout machines, not the method or the fitness device.

2. Kinetic exercises (virtually all modern methods) work human joints and spinal disks immensely harder than the muscles they target.

This is because almost all of the external motion resistance energy (the force that creates exercise by hindering motion), escapes through moving parts the skeleton, before it even can reach the area of the muscles.

With traditional exercises the Motion Resistance Energy typically enters the skeleton through the ankles or wrists, forcing the skeleton through a kinetic cascade of energy transfers that happen at each moving part (joint and spinal disk) in-between the hands or feet, all the way to the targeted muscles. Each motion releases more of the external motion resistance energy.

For example when a car smashes into a solid wall, the first parts of it (or anything) that give in (move) from the motion resistance energy, have more of it to fight.

The first part to give fights all of the motion resistance energy, releasing some of it, so each motion along the way has less of it to fight.

Because kinetic exercises cascade the energy though the skeleton first, it has more external motion resistance energy to fight joints and spinal disks than ever reaches targeted muscles.

3. Children and adults need very different versions, of high exertion exercises, at least three times a week, to stay powerfully fit.

Average adult joints and spinal disks are finished with rapid development, only adult muscle systems retain the ability to rapidly heal bigger, stronger and tougher after being overworked.

So adults only need frequent stout exercise for their muscular systems, to build up and maintain powerful fitness and stamina (the heart is muscle),

Adult joints and spinal disks cannot develop much more, so they no longer need to be frequently smashed and pulled by kinetic skeletal blasting exercises, Only adult muscle systems need frequent stout exercises to maintain powerful fitness.

However, children likely need far more stout exercise that they currently do, to correctly overwork their skeletons, in order to maximize their future adult joint and disk strength.

Humans only have one powerful opportunity to greatly build up their joints and spinal disk strength, much like muscles, but this only happens while these parts are rapidly developing.

At around age 20 joints and disks are basically finished growing up. From this time on they no longer rapidly heal to bigger stronger states. Also the time they need to recover after being overworked begins increasing. By around age thirty overworked joints and disks can need several weeks to fully recover.

So when kinetic exercise methods are used frequently enough to maintain powerful adult fitness, their joints and disks never have enough time to fully recover, so instead damage builds up causing these adult parts to rapidly wear down.

Modern fitness and exercise science are still almost exclusively kinetic, so they can be wonderful for children, yet kinetics makes it absolutely impossible for average adults, to become and maintain powerful fitness.

We have heard numerous angry denials about this discovery, from traditional fitness and exercise science experts. It is like showing them why it is impossible for average adults to stay powerfully fit using the methods they teach. They hear this as if it is personal attack on them.

Prove less than 1 Percent?

Here is a recent article covering an adult fitness study from Iowa State University, which exposes that possibly less than one half of one percent (.5%) of Americans over age thirty-five, are physically fit. That study was based on US government adult fitness and exercise standards, nothing we developed.

4. The real universal measurement for the efficiency of any adult exercise method.

The percentage of motion resistance against any adult muscle or cardio strengthening exercise, that only hinders their muscle contractions, is also that exercise's 0-100 score of efficiency.

What makes this the true measurement of adult exercise method efficiency?

First in any form of engineering, perfect efficiency occurs at the point of no waste.

Because adults only need frequent stout exercise for their muscle systems (heart is muscle), to remain fit, any resistance energy that escapes without fighting (directly opposing) adult muscle contractions is just wasted.

So this is verifiably correct, but only for adults because stout motion resistance energy can build up other parts of children.

NOTE: Even if an adult exercise method scores 100 for efficiency, that alone does not make it effective. Effectiveness still requires firm exertion, as well as correct form (proper execution).

5. Adults need stout motion resistance that moves across their spine and extremity bones, as children need stout exercise to move up and down (parallel) to their bones and the spine.

Imagine a cable supported TV tower. If it's owner loads very heavy weight on top of it, it's frame will fight all of the additional resistance from gravity first. The cables will not work one bit harder unless the heavily loaded tower leans, thus pulling on some cables.

Now imagine a powerful wind blowing across the same cable supported TV tower, without any additional weight loaded on it's top.

Even without any extra weight smashing down on it, the cables that support it, much like the muscles that support skeletons, can be worked all the way to their breaking points, before the tower (frame, skeleton) itself stress very little.

We have already engineered hundreds of new exercise methods and improvements to existing machines, that capture and aim the stout motion resistance energy across the spine and extremity bones, fully working the muscles that swing or move the body core or extremities with the external motion resistance, first.

If the muscle contraction moves through it's full range, almost all of the stout motion resistance energy can escapes after only fighting contractions, so stout muscle exercises no longer need to only be kinetic, because all full force transfers can happen outside of the skeleton, instead of inside it, as it does with all common methods.

Instead of kinetic, we call this discovery Aimed Resistance Force (ARF) exercises. ARF exercises oppose muscle contractions in the same crossing way that powerful wind works the cables of the tower a great many times harder than it works the tower.

Using this new technology, almost any adult, at any age, will at least have a choice to become and remain powerfully fit for years to decades, because only their muscles are hard worked.

Expect Examiner News to publish the three remaining reports, as the project releases them.

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